The Surprising Effect Exercise Has on My Glucose Levels.

Everything that I have ever read about diabetes tells me that diet and exercise, along with a healthy weight, will help reduce my glucose numbers. When I has gestational diabetes (ah, the good ol’ days), I was sent to diabetes education classes where they taught me that if my sugar got too high, I was supposed to move around for exercise and drink lots of water.

We are all on the same page here, yes?


I do all the right things (healthy weight, relatively okay diet) but when I go to exercise, something unusual happens: my sugar gets higher. 



I take my sugar in the morning (fasting) and usually pull something around the 115-135 range (not bad), eat an Atkins bar (2 net carbs), grab my Brita water bottle, and head off to the gym. At the gym I typically circuit train with weights for 40-60 minutes and consume at least one big bottle of water, sometimes two. I started to take my sugar afterwards and was really surprised to see that my sugar had gone up to the 160-175 range!

What the hell.

Anyone else having this problem/notice this trend/know what to do? Help a sista’ out!