Sports Candy? No, Sprout, I’m Not Buying it.

Ok, Sprout. Here’s the deal: I have been watching you for years now and I’m pretty on board with most of the things you do (Get Up and Go Bars happen in my house on a regular basis). Here’s what I’m not getting: Sports Candy.

Sprout keeps pushing this “sports candy” thing as a euphemism for fruits and veggies. It comes from the show “LazyTown“, which actually was on when I was a kid and is being re-aired (maybe re-done? I don’t know) on Sprout.

My question is…. are kids stubborn or just not stupid? I mean, I know my kids aren’t stupid and I know my kids are stubborn so although, generally speaking, my question is already answered for me, let’s just assume I’m talking specifically about this sports candy thing, because I am. I tried selling a veggie to Haley as “sports candy” and she laughed at me. Does this really work? I’m not really trying to be condescending here because I really want to know. Would selling broccoli to your pre-schooler as candy get them to eat it?

Age? Could age be the trick? Should I give up trying to sell veggies as candy to Haley and just wait for Harper? This show is for pre-schoolers, so surely not, right? I just don’t know.

Sports candy sounds like bs to me. Big time.