Nina Needs to NO.

I hate, hate, hate the show “Nina needs to Go“. It’s a new show on Disney Junior. Every time I see it, it makes me want to stick that id in a corner for a year for being a brat.


I ask you if you have to go, you say no, then 5 minutes later you interrupt our family outing for the bathroom? I don’t think so.

And thanks for the Super Nana, character, too. Now the kids thing some old lady is going to break I don’t even KNOW how many rules to get them to a bathroom.

Maybe the kid needs to see a urologist.


Purses and underwear.

Just a quick post to share some surreal Haley-potty-training things. After what seemed like 40 years, Haley is pretty much potty trained (YAY). 

Yesterday: I moved her potty seat onto the actual toilet, as opposed to her kiddie potty. It is so strange to see her get off the couch, run over to the bathroom, go in, turn on the light, close the door, do her business, then come out and turn the light off. It’s just weird being the only adult in the house and seeing the door mysteriously open and the light go on. I suppose I’m just not used it to yet, but it’s definitely cool.

Today: My aunt called to tell me she was watching the kids that live around the corner from me (Haley loves playing with them) and that I should bring her over to play. After feeding her and getting her ready to go play, I realized that I had no diaper bag packed for her…. and it hit me: SHE DOESN’T NEED A DIAPER BAG. (what?!) It’s VERY strange. I was able to throw a pair of underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt in her Hello Kitty purse and grab her juice cup and send her on her way. It was amazing. 

While I love the convenience of having a potty trained toddler (the frequent stops aren’t as bad as long as someone is with me), it’s both exciting sad to see her growing up.