Christmas… scrambled, please. With some Catch-up.

See what I did there? (My brain is all scrambled from Christmassing and I’m trying to do a catch up post.)

Anyone else lost in the Christmas crunch? Because I certainly am.

Baking, cooking, shopping, wrapping, travelling, it’s all so much! It’s totally impossible not to get all scrambled up during this holiday season. There are the impossible demands from my 3-year-old combined with the mad rush of pre-season Walmart-ing are enough to make me go mad.

This year I sort of, well, skimped out of the Christmas cheer. We didn’t really go crazy with gifts, because like (almost) everyone else, we’re lacking the piles of cash needed to buy iPads and PS3’s, and like some other people (the lucky ones) my kid is too young to realize that Mommy and Daddy sucked at Christmas this year. So we’re capitalizing on that. I did make my famous peppermint chocolate bark (if you’ve ever had it before, you KNOW it’s delicious) as well as some cookies, but nothing too crazy this year.

December has been super busy for us. Right after Thanksgiving, I decided to have both the kids baptized BEFORE Christmas. Why before? Well, I don’t know. I got some sort of Holy kick in the ass and decided to just get it done. Also, my mother in law has been staying with us and will be leaving shortly after the holidays. So I called the church and it was either Dec, 2 (which was a little over a week away) OR the 23rd. A week’s notice it is! There was NO WAY I was expecting people to try to head down here the day before Christmas Eve for a baptism. So we did Thanksgiving, the baptism, Christmas shopping (well, we came up with ideas, anyway), I made a blanket for my nephew, my csister-in-law came for a visit, and then I was sick. Forever. I’m STILL sick. It’s been like, two weeks. AND tomorrow is Christmas Eve. So yeah, it’s been kinda busy around here.

That all explains why I have been a sucky blogger AND a sucky Christmasser. And that’s just how it goes. I did, however, come up with a few tips for staying sane during the holiday season (and beyond!):

1. Que Sera, sera. This means “Whatever will be, will be” I’m so serious about this one that it’s actually tattooed on me. I’m serious, it’s on my side.

2. “Batteries included” DOES NOT MEAN “batteries included forever”. Aunt Tilly send some annoying-ass toy that makes awful/creepy noises? Don’t worry, with the help of a screwdriver, you can make sure those Duracell batteries turn into cheap batteries with some sort of Chinese characters on it that last for a week.

3. Breathe. This is a good one for, well all the time. I’m not talking “breathe” like “don’t kill yourself” (don’t, but that’s not what I mean). I’m talking about taking a second of quiet time (the kids won’t die if they scream for a minute) and just take a few deep breaths.

4. Drugs. Just say yes to drugs during family occasions. It makes things not only easier, but way more entertaining.

5. Wine. See above. Also, I ALWAYS advocate the use of wine.

That about does it. I DO want to just throw a quick recipe on here for some AWESOME cookies that I made. Now, I made these for a big group, so I used regular sugar instead of Splenda, but there wasn’t too much sugar in the actual dough, so you should be fine subbing out sugar for Splenda. These cookies do have cinnamon sugar on them, and I would probably just take the hit and use regular sugar for that part. Anyway, here you go.

Okay, well for now, I think that does it. I will DEFINITELY try to be on here more and stop neglecting my blog, but no promises.


An Excused Absence and A Peace Offering.

Okay blog readers, I definitely DIDN’T abandon you! I have had SO much going on lately, I haven’t had time for much at all, much less stuff on the computer, even LESS, blogging.

Harper has, since she started teething, crying all day. Still doing the baby bath salts thing (chewing on everyone’s hands) though, so that’s… fun. Oh, also, she learned to SCREAM (fun!). So yeah…

Haley has regressed (finally) and started with accidents in the hallway, whining A LOT, not dressing herself, etc. It’s REALLY been a pain in the ass, not to mention time-consuming.

My mother in law is staying with us for a little while visiting, so I have been busy getting some things done while I have a hand, for a change. Also, we have been hanging out with the kiddies a lot (even though they are terrorists right now) and some other various family time.

My dog is sick on top of all this, so that is also sort of taking up a lot of time and attention from the family.

Don’t forget all the things that have to be done around the house regularly and whatnot! Add all the above to the daily, mundane crap that has to happen around a home, and you end up with one stressed out, spare-time-less, frazzled Mama! It’s all part of life though.

Now, for my peace offering: THE BEST APPLE PIE RECIPE EVER. Sorry diabetics, this one is full of sugar…. I’m sure that you could sub out some of the sugar for Splenda if you wanted to, I know I used the Splenda brown sugar blend instead of regular brown sugar and the change was unnoticeable. But anyway, here it is!

“Eat The Cake, or Go in Time Out!”

What the…?! Yeah. I actually had to say this to my three year old. It went like this:

Hal: I want cake!
Me: You gonna eat it this time? I don’t want to throw out more food.
Hal :YEAH!!!
Me: (gives Haley cake)
Hal: I don’t want this!
Me: (frustrated) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You wanted the damn cake, eat it!
Hal: NO.

I was laughing inside thinking about how absurd the entire thing was. I’m pretty sure this kid just says no to be obstinate. I mean, I’m sure she is, BUT HOLY CRAP.

Seeing as how I am here today, as are plenty of people older than 3, I am sure that SOMEHOW these kids are living though this, so mine will too.

Anyone? Suggestions? Tips/tricks?


What (and how) you’re eating! (with recipes!) – kind of long…


I’m making this post for a friend of mine who has insulin resistance. I guess everyone else might as well read it too, it’s full of diabetic goodness!

*NOTE: I’m not a medical professional of any kind, always check with your doctor or specialist about your diet and diabetes management.

When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes back in 2009, my insurance paid for me to take a few hours of diabetes education. There, I learned how to balance my carbs with protein, about healthy portions, and how to safely watch my glucose levels. I was given some medication to regulate, and sent on my way. I’m posting now to share some of the things and guidelines that I learned in those classes, as well as some recipes, and some helpful hints I learned along the long and tiring path to becoming a Type 2 diabetic.

One of the biggest things I get being in my early 20’s and relatively in shape is, “But you’re not fat!” and they’re right, I’m not. I’m also not fat, old, lazy, I don’t eat too much sugar, or any of the things people normally associate with type 2 diabetes. I know that my Type 1 friends go through this regularly too, it’s quite annoying. How I choose to get through it is to make the best of my disease and laugh at the people who don’t know anything about diabetes, regardless of the type.

As far as “You can’t eat that, it has sugar!” goes, well, you’re only kid of right. I can eat sugar… in moderation. Can I snag a chocolate cake and just go to town? Well yes, if I’m going for a diabetic coma, but really no. I can however, grab a piece of that cake and enjoy the hell out of it. When I took diabetes education classes I learned this guideline that I follow to this day: 15 grams of carbs = 1 unit. A snack = 1 unit, your 2 largest meals = 3, max. If you follow that, with a light – moderate exercise plan and medication (if any) you should be good. So it should be: Breakfast = 3 unit, AM snack = 1, Lunch = 1-2, afternoon snack = 1, dinner = 3, evening snack = 1 (you don’t need to have all of those snacks, but that’s the guideline they gave me.) That should be about 150 – 165 g. carbs per day. That DOESN’T mean 150 g. carbs of sugar. You need to watch the carbs you eat. Some carbs digest slower than others. Fast carbs include things like grains, sugar, potatoes, and fruits high in fructose (melon, cherries, pears, most fruits fall into this category). These carbs spike your sugar and cause you to crash later on. These spikes and drops in sugar are what causes damage to your vital organs and end up casing many of the trademark health issues for diabetics. (STAY AWAY!) Slow carbs include most veggies, some whole grains, eggs, and nuts. Check out for more info on which foods qualify as slow or fast carbs.

Feel like there’s NOTHING you can eat? WRONG! Check this website out, this website,  Dreamfield’s Pasta, and some of these delicious recipes I love!


  • Muffin Parfait – Halve a bran muffin or other high-fiber muffin, cover with a side of berries, and top with a dollop of low or nonfat yogurt for a fast and easy breakfast. (found here)
  • Omelet with low fat cheese, asparagus, and diced ham (I made this one up)
  • Uncle Sam Cereal! (I eat this most mornings)
  • I also go for low-fat or fat-free greek yogurt with a little  touch of honey and walnuts!





  • Trail mix (without chocolate)
  • Get up and Go Bars! (these are a little higher in sugar, so watch your portions)
  • Any natural or air popped popcorn is okay in moderation.

Remember to cruise the websites attached to the recipes (that’s why I posted the links, guys!). There are tons on great tips and other recipes, as well as meal planning and forums that you might find helpful.

Balancing your diabetes and managing your sugar HAS to work for YOU. If you can’t make it work for you, you will never manage your diabetes.

Posting all these recipes made me super hungry, so I’m off to make something delicious (and healthy!) for lunch.


What You’re Making for Dessert.


I HAVE to share one of my favorite diabetes friendly dessert items with you. I found these at my local Walmart as well as the grocery store in town. Pillsbury put out a line of sugar free cake mixes, brownie mixes AND frosting. Now, before you get your big dumb white hats on and prepare to make some gourmet junk that you can shove your pancreas-impaired self into, know that (for now) there is just yellow cake and chocolate cake, regular brownie mix, and vanilla and chocolate frosting. That being said, you can take vanilla cake mix and RUN with it. Try Staphanie Ashcraft’s book, 200 Cake Mix Creations (pick up your copy here!)

So far, I have had the brownies (which I made into brownie pops!), the vanilla cake, and the frostings (which I have to say are a BIT tacky, but still good). Here are some ideas that even the most spastic bakers can pull off:

  • Nuts, chocolate chips, other sugar free/reduced ice cream toppings, additives for the brownies.
  • Add spices to the yellow cake for a pseudo-spice cake!
  • Pick up that book and go nutso in your kitchen with those cake mixes.
  • Add color or flavoring to those frosting containers for a different/festive effect. 
Obviously, adding crap into these sugar free mixes MIGHT negate the “Sugar free” part, so let’s be real about this. Throwing a ton of chocolate and toppings in, on, and around sugar free brownie mix does NOT entitle my pancreatic impaired to an entire plate. Even if you do go a little crazy with the additives, you can still sleep okay at night knowing you cut a lot of the sugar out by using sugar free mix! 
Make a sugar free change this week (start with this dessert!)
Good luck and happy face stuffing.