My Dirty Laundry.

I had a bout of “Idontgiveashititis” that lasted far longer than it should have. Well, this morning, I kinda got my crap together and decided to get some things done. One of those things happened to be laundry (ew.). As I started the massive amount of kid laundry, I realized one thing: I HAVE 4 EFFING LOADS OF KID LAUNDRY TO DO. WTF.


I have two tiny kids.

Here’s what I took from that:

  • My kids have entirely too many clothes
  • I’m a lazy¬†POS for amassing 4 loads of kid laundry before actually washing them
  • Doing kid laundry sucks.

Ok, I kinda already knew that last one, but a day full of tiny socks and shirts/pants that needed to be turned inside out (and you KNOW it’s like, impossible to fit an arm in those tiny cloth tubes) really solidified the point.

It took pretty much all day. Hours later, I’ve got all the kids laundry done and I’m 3 loads in on my and hubby’s clothes (that’s another story). Moral of the story here: Stop being a POS and do the effing laundry.

So that was my day.


Success is an Empty Laundry Basket.

I’m talking about you, laundry room.

No one likes laundry. It’s pretty much proven by science. My least favorite part is hanging stuff up (I hate it more than folding stuff). I would probably never even go IN my laundry room if it weren’t a hallway area that I need to pass through to get to my bedroom.

Today is day 2 of laundry for me and I’m proud to report ALL OF MY LAUNDRY IS DONE

That’s right! Towels, kids clothes, mine and hubby’s clothes, all done!

Seeing this laundry-less side of life makes me what to change and be a better person; get the laundry done as it’s dirtied. We all know people don’t do this…. but hey, a girl can dream.

And that, kids, is the story of the time I went against my best instincts, and conquered the laundry-beast.

Learn from my legacy.

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