You NEED To Plan Your Meals. Like, Really.

Cheap-o tips:

  1. plan your meals.
  2. Plan them around the sales.
  3. But what you need.
  4. Don’t forget lunch and breakfast.
  5. Probably get a snack or plan that out, too.

But really though. I grocery shopped for my family for $72.40 this week AND I have delicious stuff planned for these guys.

BREAKFAST is easy. Bars, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt… those things are easy and at least one of them is almost always on sale somewhere.

LUNCH is a tough one. If there is extra money int he food budget, I’ll pick myself up some Lean Cuisines. Otherwise, almost any combo of yogurt, those pouches I make (also good for breakfast!), cheese, fruit, veggies, or some chicken nuggets/hot dogs even (don’t lie, you know you do it) will work.

DINNER has gotten so much easier for me. Here’s why (I know it’s a little blurry):

better menu


The point is, it’s a menu. Not only do I not have to think about what’s for dinner, answer any questions about what we’re having, stand there like an ass in the grocery store, figuring out what I’m gonna use some obscure thing for, but I also sound fancy. Who doesn’t want to be organized AND fancy? I know you are tiling your head (maybe even raising an eyebrow) in agreement. Exactly.

How did I come up with all that awesomeness? Well, I looked to see what was on sale and what I had in the freezer, and went for recipes with included those things. Usually, I start with the protein, since meat is usually the most expensive part of a dish, then go from there. I get a lot of recipes online and from other people. This week alone, 3 of the dinners on my menu are either new or something I’ve only had once, at someone else’s house. You can pull recipes from diabetic sites, too. Doing that will hopefully help to curb junk dinners because not only do you make things that are healthier, but you also don’t pick on crappy food or order pizza because you don’t want to deal with the whole “what’s for dinner” pain in the butt discussion.

Some of the things on there, like the roast and stew, are going to use the same piece of meat. I spent 10 dollars on the roast. That seems like a lot until you realize that I’m using it for 2 night’s meals. The chicken (though this time I happen to have leg quarters in the freezer for soup) can be made using one family pack of chicken, split into 2 portions.

The other thing I started doing, which has little to do with saving money and more to do with saving time, is prepping my veggies and stuff ahead of time and freezing it. I know a lot of people don’t like to freeze fresh veggies, but I’m all for it. I have never noticed anything off about them afterwards. Today, I went shopping, came home, put the baby down for a nap, and while she was sleeping, cut all the veggies that I needed for dinner for the week up and bagged them (I labeled the bags with what was in there, the date, and what it was for – you don’t need to). This saves me from messing up my kitchen (even more) when I make dinner and it stops me from having to cut veggies more than once because, really, who wants to prep veggies all the time?



Reblog: Make Your Own Baby Wipes.

This popped up on my news feed on Facebook (Compliments of Stay a Stay at Home Mom) and I had to share it… I’m tempted to try this out, but if anyone else does before I get a chance to, please share!


To make your own disposable home made baby wipes you will need:

  • Large container with square lid
  • Bounty paper towels (select a size variety)
  • Baby wash
  • Baby oil (optional)
  • Water

You can do this without the baby oil if you prefer or if you just want to reduce the cost a bit more. Now that you have what you need, here are simple instructions to make your own disposable baby wipes:

1. Cut the roll of paper towels in half, as shown in the picture.

home-made-baby-wipes-03; tough decisions sign2. Push the cardboard roll out from the center of your Bounty roll and throw away (or recycle).

3. Put your paper towels in the Tupperware container. 

4. Mix 2 cups of water, 2 tbsp baby wash, and 2 tbsp baby oil in a bowl.

5. Pour the water mixture over the paper towels in the Tupperware container.

6. Put the lid on your container and shake it up.

That’s it! You have just made your own disposable baby wipes for a fraction of the cost charged in local stores. Any stay at home mom can do this…and it is so fast that working moms even have time for it!

You should wait at least an hour before using your home made disposable wipes. I like to give mine a shake before I open them


Here’s the original post.

Cheapskates. (I Have A Problem)

Recently, there has been some community wide disappointment with the school district here. I’m not really getting into all that, but I am jumping on the bandwagon….. sort of.

I am disappointed, but not because of taxes and blah blah blah, I’m disappointed because I come on here or on facebook and see all these moms sending their little ones off to their first day of Pre-K at the school, and I can’t. Boo.

I called and called around and found that the only way my kids can go to pre-k through the school district is if they have special needs which, thankfully, they don’t.

In a time when so many kids go to pre-k it’s almost become necessary, I find it insane that you still expect parents to have to pay for it. Am I bitching? Yes. Complaining? Well, yeah. But, do I feel justified? Absolutely. 

It bums me out that I can’t afford to send Haley to pre-k, and because of that, I feel like she’s going to be behind, She is a brilliant child, and I do work with her at home, but because kindergarten here is full day, I feel like she’s really going to be in for a shocker when she gets there.

There are a lot of tax dollars flowing into this district, and to not fund a pre-k program is silly, when there are districts with less funding doing so.

That being said, it’s Haley’s last week at camp, so I hope it’s a fun one! To camp we go!