Hello Again.

Well hello. It’s been somewhere near at lest a year or 2 since I have seen you all. Hope life is good since your abandonment.

Life has been insanely crazy since I abandoned you, but I’m sure you figured that. I’m hoping to be back to blogging a little more frequently than once per year, but I make no promises.

Some quick updates since I have been away. I will elaborate more on these later. Or now, maybe.

  • I quit SAHM-ing. I know I know. I promise to elaborate more on this. I have lots of follow up posts I wasn’t to do about this.
  • I have a freaking first grader now. Wtf is THAT all about?!
  • I recently took up drugs. And by that I mean, I became a CPhT (SEEWHATIDIDTHERE)
  • I’m adopting a dog???
  • I have some real shizz coming your way on life, love, and unhappiness.

So yes, I hope you stayed with me, I will try to keep up with you, imaginary friends.



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