Nina Needs to NO.

I hate, hate, hate the show “Nina needs to Go“. It’s a new show on Disney Junior. Every time I see it, it makes me want to stick that id in a corner for a year for being a brat.


I ask you if you have to go, you say no, then 5 minutes later you interrupt our family outing for the bathroom? I don’t think so.

And thanks for the Super Nana, character, too. Now the kids thing some old lady is going to break I don’t even KNOW how many rules to get them to a bathroom.

Maybe the kid needs to see a urologist.


3 thoughts on “Nina Needs to NO.

  1. Yes I too hate this Nina needs to definitely doesnt teach any good thing. My daughter usually says when she needs to go potty but now she is waiting till the last minute… there is no superhero nana around here to help her when she needs to go urgently.. And everytime when NIna says” now i know ,dont wait to go” my vein just pop out.. pls stop that..

  2. I absolutely hate the show Nina needs to go. The point is to get the message of “dont wait to go” across but the fact that this little girl says it will never happen again and then waits to go again is absolutely ridiculous. The show needs to be taken off air!

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