Diabetes History

I love a good history lesson!

War On Diabetes


We get so busy fighting Diabetes on a daily basis; battling to control a disease that effects millions of people world-wide, that we may never ask a simple question: When did it start?  If you are like me, Diabetes started when you were diagnosed.  It’s almost as if it never existed before that moment.

Oh, how wrong can we be?  I was doing a bit of research for another post, and came across what is essentially The History of Diabetes.  Okay, don’t yawn, yet.  You might find it interesting, too.


Did you know that the first recorded case of Diabetes is from Ancient Egypt.  Yep.  Right there in the hieroglyphs dated to 1550 BCE a disease is mentioned that is strongly suspected to be Type 2 Diabetes.  Yeah – 1550 BCE.  Why that’s 3,564 years ago.  We have an ancient disease.  It’s mentioned again in writings from India from…

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