Reblog: Make Your Own Baby Wipes.

This popped up on my news feed on Facebook (Compliments of Stay a Stay at Home Mom) and I had to share it… I’m tempted to try this out, but if anyone else does before I get a chance to, please share!


To make your own disposable home made baby wipes you will need:

  • Large container with square lid
  • Bounty paper towels (select a size variety)
  • Baby wash
  • Baby oil (optional)
  • Water

You can do this without the baby oil if you prefer or if you just want to reduce the cost a bit more. Now that you have what you need, here are simple instructions to make your own disposable baby wipes:

1. Cut the roll of paper towels in half, as shown in the picture.

home-made-baby-wipes-03; tough decisions sign2. Push the cardboard roll out from the center of your Bounty roll and throw away (or recycle).

3. Put your paper towels in the Tupperware container. 

4. Mix 2 cups of water, 2 tbsp baby wash, and 2 tbsp baby oil in a bowl.

5. Pour the water mixture over the paper towels in the Tupperware container.

6. Put the lid on your container and shake it up.

That’s it! You have just made your own disposable baby wipes for a fraction of the cost charged in local stores. Any stay at home mom can do this…and it is so fast that working moms even have time for it!

You should wait at least an hour before using your home made disposable wipes. I like to give mine a shake before I open them


Here’s the original post.


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