A Little Somethin’ Somethin for my Mommas and Betics and A Sneak Peek!

Tonight, my best friend is flying in from California with her kiddies to see me for a little less than 2 weeks. I am beyond excited and will most likely be busy visiting (since I’ve seen her once in the past almost 3 years!) I figured, rather than leave you with nothing, I would leave you with a little somethin’ somethin’ to remember me while I’m on blog-vaca.

For my diabetic readers:

(please keep in mind that if you can’t laugh at yourself, then what CAN you laugh at? I don’t find diabetes to be a joke… no need to get all righteous here, but I can laugh at my disease, can you?)







This is my 99th post! If you can math, then you will know that my following post will be the big 1-0-0! Pretty exciting stuff. I want to do something fun for it (like a GIVEAWAY!) I have a little while to think about it but some input would be nice too. IF you have any suggestions, leave them in the comment box below and maybe we’ll go for it!

Remember to stay tuned and check back to see what’s going on for my 100th blog-aversary!


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