Cheapskates. (I Have A Problem)

Recently, there has been some community wide disappointment with the school district here. I’m not really getting into all that, but I am jumping on the bandwagon….. sort of.

I am disappointed, but not because of taxes and blah blah blah, I’m disappointed because I come on here or on facebook and see all these moms sending their little ones off to their first day of Pre-K at the school, and I can’t. Boo.

I called and called around and found that the only way my kids can go to pre-k through the school district is if they have special needs which, thankfully, they don’t.

In a time when so many kids go to pre-k it’s almost become necessary, I find it insane that you still expect parents to have to pay for it. Am I bitching? Yes. Complaining? Well, yeah. But, do I feel justified? Absolutely. 

It bums me out that I can’t afford to send Haley to pre-k, and because of that, I feel like she’s going to be behind, She is a brilliant child, and I do work with her at home, but because kindergarten here is full day, I feel like she’s really going to be in for a shocker when she gets there.

There are a lot of tax dollars flowing into this district, and to not fund a pre-k program is silly, when there are districts with less funding doing so.

That being said, it’s Haley’s last week at camp, so I hope it’s a fun one! To camp we go!



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