Motherhood and High School (my first number!)

This is nothing to do with mothering a high schooler nor does it have anything to do with being a mother in high school. This, instead, is a comparison.

For me, and I just realized this the other day, motherhood is sort of like going to high school. Maybe being the new kid or something? I’m not sure which. There is definitely an element of being out of place and finding your way that brings me right beck to my school days.

Haley started camp in the beginning of the summer (which she loves, by the way). I’m a young mom, as you know. Younger than any of the other moms that are there for sure. Sometimes I stick around and try to meet the other moms, but usually I just hurry off the gym or home, intimidated. How did these moms get to be at the cool kids table and I didn’t? THIS IS MY DELUSION.

Anyway, you get it.

So on Wednesday, in the middle of my awful day from hell, I met up with a mom whose daughter plays with Haley a lot at camp. Guess who got their first mom number? This mom. Oh yes, I did. When I realized how momentous of a thing this was for me, I realized that it felt way too much like being in high school. hence, this post.

Oh. Also, mom who gave me your phone number, this isn’t creepy, right? Like, I’m totally waiting three days to call… don’t want to seem desperate. (that’s a joke)



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