Happy Birthday Haley!


Somehow, my big girl turned 4 on July 31. I say somehow because 1) I can’t believe she’s 4 already and 2) I can’t believe she’s survived this long.

Last weekend, we had a mermaid themed party for her in the backyard. (side note: backyard parties are still not “cheap” for anyone trying to avoid dropping a few hundred on party crap for their kid) I did order everything, except for the cake pan which they were out of, from http://www.partycity.com/ and got all of it for under $100.00 ((including shipping and tax!) for 32 people! I made an Ariel cake (mistake!) and we bought some fruit and brownies. It was strange though, because this is the first year that there were actually a lot of kids at her party instead of a bunch of adults fighting over who gets to hold Haley on their lap.

My cake was sort of a cake-tastrophe, though I was assured that it was not nearly as bad as I thought it was. Simple yellow cake with hot pink dye, vanilla frosting, Wilton gel dyes, and this cake pan made up the wonder that was what I refer to as “the plus-size Ariel cake”.

So I’m no artist, but this definitely could have come out worse.

Haley and everyone else had a blast though, so it was, as always, worth it.

So, HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, Princess! Mommy loves you, even when bring me to making a pros and cons chart on breathing 😀


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Haley!

    • Oh thank you!
      Next time I decide to do a cake with a face, I will probably practice my face drawing first lol. I tend to be much more critical of myself than other are… doesn’t that seem to be the way everyone is?

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