Life After the Bottle.

A few weeks ago, well almost a month ago now, we finished the painstaking process of weaning Harper from her bottle at bed and naptime. It was kind of terrible for a week or so, then less terrible, then all better in a little over two weeks. Yay us!
My newest challenge: what to do when the damn kid wakes up at night.
You see, I’m writing this after midnight, from my smartphone, while in bed. I’m awake because this kid still doesn’t consistently sleep through the night, and without the bottle I’m at a loss. Now, I’m not sure what makes my kid such a crappy sleeper and unless knowing will fix the problem, I don’t particularly care. What I do know is that when she was on the bottle at bedtime, I could have just given her one and she would have gone back to sleep. Now that we don’t do that anymore, her waking just goes unanswered and I have to wait for her to go back to sleep. I don’t like this.
There’s a giant push to not have babies and toddlers take a bottle or a cup or anything to bed with them. It’s supposed to prohibit them from learning to put themselves to sleep. Ok, fine. She can put herself to sleep, but won’t stay asleep. She wakes up and instead of peacefully putting herself to sleep she cries and yells. I want the bottle/cup back! If she’s gonna get up either way, of like to at least be able to get her back to sleep.
Life after the bottle is loud and sleepless for me, it seems.


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