#Real Parent Talk. (not re-touched)

Take a look at this video (it’s like, 3 and a half minutes long).

I’m curious to find out how other parents are feeling about this.

Personally, I feel torn. Yes I think that marketing has set goals that are unattainable for girls and that’s causing a problem BUT the 13-17 age group is a large group, easily influenced, and just old enough to get some money, but not yet old enough to realize what they’re spending it on. Does this mean I’m going to freak out when I find a thong in the laundry and my kid is only 13? Not necessarily (though if it said “let’s get naughty” or something like that on it, well that might be a different story). I feel like being open with your kids is the key, as opposed to just shutting out any sort of advertising or product that you find “too old” for your kids. After all, America was built on capitalism….

I’d like to go back to the point I made earlier about advertising setting unattainable goals. I know there have been a few articles out there about people (mostly women) writing complaints and whatnot about airbrushing in magazines/television. As a woman and parent, I definitely have to agree. Airbrushing the “gap” on women in VS magazines, or the skin in an ad, or the waist size in a music video is just doing damage to body image. The average teenage girl isn’t going to have a teeny waist, fabulous skin, “the gap”, full hair, and flawless makeup, but she will have some SERIOUS body image issues. And Yeah, I know… grow up, life’s tough, blah, blah, blah, but still.. come on, it’s getting out of hand.

So, should we spend less time worrying about the potential damage editors might be doing and more time talking to our kids about body image and explaining the fact that the pictures are so edited, they are hardly real, OR is editing really getting out of hand and people are right to be mad?

Weigh in, guys… I want to see some opinions in the comments section!

An example of airbrushing. Though this one is minor, it is just one of many out there and there are others that are far more extreme. (credit: prweek.com)


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