For The Sake of Starting an Argument? (a rant)

Just browsed over an article about Rush Limbaugh saying on-air that Stay at home moms are the new feminists which, of course, started a giant war between working moms and stay at home moms about who the better/harder working/more caring parent is and so on.


I’m pretty tired of this debate. Now anyone who is on my Facebook may totally think I’m a hypocrite now because I totally got into it with someone last week about this same thing. But then I realized what do I care?

So what?

Want to know who the best parents are? The ones who love their damn kids. The ones who, no matter how, kiss boo-boos, wake up at night, and teach their kids right and wrong. The ones who spend less time on the internet bitching about other parenting styles and more time loving their kids. Those are the best parents.

So what is the best parenting style? Not staying home with them, not going to work to provide for them, just freaking loving the crap out of your kids and not caring to bother with other people’s opinions and choices.

That’s what life is about anyway, right? Choices, following through with your choices, sticking to your decisions, and (if you decided to have them) raising your kids to become the best generation the world will come to see.

If you’re interested, here is the article that I read that started this rant, but it’s just more fuel to the fire.

oh. Also. If you comment here about who the best parent is and start some weird debate thing about parenting, I’m just going to delete it. You may have the right to free speech, but I have the right to delete your comments. 🙂



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