Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now! (oh yes, I did.)

I decided that I love my glucometer so much that I’m giving it to someone special. Well, not MINE, but one just like it. I thought really hard about what to do for this giveaway and even consulted my hubby (who came up with the idea even!). We decided that this meter, and all its high-tech greatness, needs to belong to someone who can laugh and give it a good home. No moping. Yuck. So I’m thinking since I happen to feel like if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ve got nothing left, I want to hear your best diabetes pun/joke. I mean yeah I know, diabetes is no laughing matter, blah, blah, blah…. BUT lighten up!

One of my biggest adversities has been accepting my diabetes and making the best of it, so I’m gonna go ahead and bet that I’m not alone in this one. Leave me a comment with a joke/pun, your email, and your name, and the one that makes me laugh the hardest wins. That’s it. Read the comments, get a laugh, feel better about your sucky situation, and maybe win a super cool meter; you can’t lose!

Here’s a link to the meter!

I’m sure that if you dig through some old blogs that I’ve mentioned my undying love for this thing…. I’m not up to the task myself… I know how much I love it, but you might be. Oh, and while you’re at it, check out my little Stick Me Designs Independent Distributor shop page on here, there’s some really great bags for sale there that you can’t find on their website (and mine are cheaper!). They make great gifts and Mother’s Day is coming up!

I’m thinking since it’s Monday (and Monday sucks) and I’m bringing the good news of a giveaway that I’ll end this next Monday (the 25th) to make next Monday less sucky, too (how great am I?!).

Okay… punny diabetes jokes…… anddddd GO! (good luck!)



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