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This woman uses unwanted and expired medication to make jewelry (she varnishes it first so it can’t be ingested).

Thoughts? I’m up in the air on this one.


For The Sake of Starting an Argument? (a rant)

Just browsed over an article about Rush Limbaugh saying on-air that Stay at home moms are the new feminists which, of course, started a giant war between working moms and stay at home moms about who the better/harder working/more caring parent is and so on.


I’m pretty tired of this debate. Now anyone who is on my Facebook may totally think I’m a¬†hypocrite now because I totally got into it with someone last week about this same thing. But then I realized what do I care?

So what?

Want to know who the best parents are? The ones who love their damn kids. The ones who, no matter how, kiss boo-boos, wake up at night, and teach their kids right and wrong. The ones who spend less time on the internet bitching about other parenting styles and more time loving their kids. Those are the best parents.

So what is the best parenting style? Not staying home with them, not going to work to provide for them, just freaking loving the crap out of your kids and not caring to bother with other people’s opinions and choices.

That’s what life is about anyway, right? Choices, following through with your choices, sticking to your decisions, and (if you decided to have them) raising your kids to become the best generation the world will come to see.

If you’re interested, here is the article that I read that started this rant, but it’s just more fuel to the fire.

oh. Also. If you comment here about who the best parent is and start some weird debate thing about parenting, I’m just going to delete it. You may have the right to free speech, but I have the right to delete your comments. ūüôā


#Real Parent Talk. (not re-touched)

Take a look at this video (it’s like, 3 and a half minutes long).

I’m curious to find out how other parents are feeling about this.

Personally, I feel torn. Yes I think that marketing has set goals that are unattainable for girls and that’s causing a problem BUT the 13-17 age group is a large group, easily influenced, and just old enough to get some money, but not yet old enough to realize what they’re spending it on. Does this mean I’m going to freak out when I find a thong in the laundry and my kid is only 13? Not necessarily (though if it said “let’s get naughty” or something like that on it, well that might be a¬†different¬†story). I feel like being open with your kids is the key, as opposed to just shutting out any sort of advertising or product that you find “too old” for your kids. After all, America was¬†built on capitalism….

I’d like to go back to the point I made earlier about advertising setting unattainable goals. I know there have been a few articles out there about people (mostly women) writing complaints and whatnot about airbrushing in magazines/television. As a woman and parent, I definitely have to agree. Airbrushing the “gap” on women in VS magazines, or the skin in an ad, or the waist size in a music video is just doing damage to body image. The average teenage girl isn’t going to have a teeny waist, fabulous skin, “the gap”, full hair, and flawless makeup, but she will have some SERIOUS body image issues. And Yeah, I know… grow up, life’s tough, blah, blah, blah, but still.. come on, it’s getting out of hand.

So, should we spend less time worrying about the potential damage editors might be doing and more time talking to our kids about body image and explaining the fact that the pictures are so edited, they are hardly real, OR is editing really getting out of hand and people are right to be mad?

Weigh in, guys… I want to see some opinions in the comments section!

An example of airbrushing. Though this one is minor, it is just one of many out there and there are others that are far more extreme. (credit:

Spring Cleaning Time Is Upon Us! (How to Cope)

Keeping organized is no easy task. In my mind, I’m awesome at it, but in practice, I suck. During the very worst of my house freak out days (and they were bad) I was willing to try anything. I was scouring the internet for ideas on how to get and keep my house cleaned and I actually found some helpful (and not so helpful) things on there.

For those of you out there who are trying to gut your house and redo it with all new organized things (good luck with that), there are lists/charts that you can use to analyze each room and re-think what you have in there. There is also a room check-list that you can use to help break rooms down to multi-purpose them if you are low on space. I actually found those things (and a few others) on Oprah’s website. I know, I know, it’s Oprah…. but this is really helpful. Here’s the link!¬†

The other big thing that I found on here (the only one I actually stuck with) were these room cards. It was off one of those BS “Clean Your Entire House In 15 Minutes!” websites that I read mostly to make fun of. Well, it’s actually kind of true. What they should have called it was “How To Keep Your Entire House Clean In 15 Minutes”. You kind of have to start out with a reasonably clean space (spring cleaning time is upon us!). Here are the cards that I did for my house, your’s will obviously be a little (but not too much, probably) different.

Bedrooms are 18 minutes per room.

Bedrooms are 18 minutes per room.

The dining room is 8 minutes

The dining room is 8 minutes

The kitchen takes me 17 minutes

The kitchen takes me 17 minutes

My bathroom takes 8 minutes for the full bath, the half bath takes, well, about half the time :)

My bathroom takes 8 minutes for the full bath, the half bath takes, well, about half the time ūüôā

The living room takes 13 minutes for me.

The living room takes 13 minutes for me.

There are other ways of doing this that I have seen since the birth of¬†Pinterest, such as the weekly chart with¬†everyday¬†tasks then the “swing day” but I know swing day would mean sit on my ass day, so I stick with this. My goal is to get about 20 minutes worth of card cleaning, give or take,¬†per day. For example, I do the living room (13 minutes) and the dining room (8 minutes) in one day, the bedrooms one day, the bathrooms one day, the kitchen another day… however you have to split the days up to get¬†about 20 minutes worth of cleaning in per day. Once I stuck with this, I actually WAS able to just go for these cards, get all the little things done in about 20 or so minutes and then I do the “weekly” chores (on the bottom) on the days I used to do the whole cards.

The website I got the idea for these is¬†somewhere on the internet, but I can’t remember where. Here is a website that sort of outlines the same premise.¬†


When you make your cards, think about what gets crappy in your house the most, the worst, the most often, the most¬†noticeable¬† and so on. ¬†Be realistic about your times. That site that I posted up there is a little quicker than the average person would get things done (sorry – it takes more than 2.5 minutes to clean a bathroom) That site seems more like what I call “the advanced stage” of keeping your house clean in 15 minutes. That’s what I was talking about when I said that I can get the whole house done in about 20 minutes (provided I have kept up on the cards), then the big things (the weeklies) I do on the days I used to do the whole cards.

It MIGHT sound a little confusing, or seem too daunting, BUT once you give it a chance, I swear it works out awesomely. I KNOW I’m not the only person who goes nuts with the “spring cleaning” thing only to have my house trashed in a month or less all over again. Well guys, cut the crap, get serious about being clean and organized at home, and just get it out of the way. I promise that once you get cleaning down as a habit, you hardly realize you’ve even done it and it’s a GIANT weight off your shoulders.

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now! (oh yes, I did.)

I decided that I love my glucometer so much that I’m giving it to someone special. Well, not MINE, but one just like it. I thought really hard about what to do for this giveaway and even consulted my hubby (who came up with the idea even!). We decided that this meter, and all its high-tech greatness, needs to belong to someone who can laugh and give it a good home. No moping. Yuck. So I’m thinking since I happen to feel like if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ve got nothing left, I want to hear your best diabetes pun/joke. I mean yeah I know, diabetes is no laughing matter, blah, blah, blah…. BUT lighten up!

One of my biggest adversities has been accepting my diabetes and making the best of it, so I’m gonna go ahead and bet that I’m not alone in this one. Leave me a comment with a joke/pun, your email, and your name, and the one that makes me laugh the hardest wins. That’s it. Read the comments, get a laugh, feel better about your sucky situation, and maybe win a super cool meter; you can’t lose!

Here’s a link to the meter!

I’m sure that if you dig through some old blogs that I’ve mentioned my undying love for this thing…. I’m not up to the task myself… I know how much I love it, but you might be. Oh, and while you’re at it, check out my little Stick Me Designs Independent Distributor shop page on here, there’s some really great bags for sale there that you can’t find on their website (and mine are cheaper!). They make great gifts and Mother’s Day is coming up!

I’m thinking since it’s Monday (and Monday sucks) and I’m bringing the good news of a giveaway that I’ll end this next Monday (the 25th) to make next Monday less sucky, too (how great am I?!).

Okay… punny diabetes jokes…… anddddd GO! (good luck!)


My A+1c And Some Big News!


I’m like, totally not a diabetic anymore. Just kidding, that would be nice. BUT I definitely got an A+ on my blood work. My numbers are so good that I thought my meter was broken (yeah…), my HbA(+)1c was 6.2 (whaaaaat?!) and all my other little TSH levels and that fun stuff was normal. I’m so not diabetic (on paper). This medicine that I’m taking is awesome. I downed a healthy glass of sangria on vacation and tested my sugar about 2 hours later….. 8-effin-6. I love this stuff. So yeah, I’m bragging because I freakin rocked my doctors appointment and passed my blood tests with flying colors. PRETTY excited to actually be in (almost) perfect health; it’s a good feeling.

Okay, enough of that.


So for anyone who doesn’t remember reading my blog about Stick Me Design’s bags I’ll post this link to the blog so you can read it for yourselves and I don’t need to write the same thing all over again. My big news is that Stick Me Designs launched an¬†Independent¬†Distributor¬†program last month and guess who is one of like the first ten-or-so on board? THIS GIRL. I’m psyched to be a part of this. Since this program is in its infancy, there are bound to be a few snags here and there, but for the most part I think everything is up and running! For now, I have two¬†separate¬†styles of clutches (both in the same print). In the future, I know there will be neat diabetes awareness necklaces available (they sent me one already.)

Because I’m new to this, I’m going to have to work out how to buy these from me. For now, I’m starting out by adding a page to my blog and using PayPal. If you have any better suggestions, feel free to leave them below! Look out in the future for other posts about this… if you have any questions, something is messed up with the ordering and you want to let me know, you want to try to talk me into selling you something for less money because you are just THAT slick, email me: epantelakis (at) gmail (dot) com OR leave me some comment-y goodness!

There will (hopefully) be more good things coming from this so stay tuned!

Also, I’m pretty sure I have a diabetes (not these bags) giveaway coming up soon for you… I just have to get my crap together with all this stuff first.