What I’m Wearing… On My Arms, That Is.

Yesterday, I posted about my medical alert bracelet but afterwards, I realized that there are just a couple other things that I wear every day that are super important to me, and I figured I’d share them.

In addition to my already discussed med bracelet I wear these two:

My anchor bracelet and my "Imagine" silicone bracelet.

My anchor bracelet and my “Imagine” silicone bracelet.

My anchor bracelet was sent to me by my best friend and unintentionally means a lot to me. I happened to have a lot of crap going on when I received this bracelet. I was in the process of changing some things around in my life to make things better for me and everyone else. This is totally symbolic of me anchoring myself and getting a grip on my life. I never take it off, well except to shower, it IS leather.

The other one is a cheap little silicone bracelet that came in a pack of those o-ring bracelets that kids used to wear a million of when I was in school. I found three packs for 50 cents a piece at WalMart and bought them for Haley’s stocking for Christmas. When she got around to opening the one that contained this particular bracelet, she came over to me and goes, “Here, Mommy! This one’s yours!”. Okay, I know it sounds lame, but if you have kids you know how cute that is. But I don’t wear it because it was a cute thing. I wear it to remind myself to keep an open mind, to imagine things. It’s the innocence of a three-year old reminding me to imagine that makes me keep this one on all the time…. the fact that it was cute doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Anyone else up for sharing?



3 thoughts on “What I’m Wearing… On My Arms, That Is.

  1. I have a snowflake necklace that I have worn everyday for over 4 years now. It reminds me of a home that was, the future that is, and that everything will be okay. I have major panic attacks and my husband’s first clue is that I hold on to my snowflake like it’s going to break. It calms me down and I can’t wear anything else. If I forget it (those rare days) I would come home from work with fingernail marks on my chest from where I tried to grab it all day long. I love both of yours! Thank you for sharing!

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