To Medical ID or Not To Medical ID, THAT Is The Question.

When it comes to wearing a medical alert bracelet, there are many different opinions that I’ve heard and/or read. Some people think that it calls attention when they don’t want it, some think it invades their privacy (they don’t want everyone to know they have a medical condition). Other people think they are just not necessary. I think they are, if not necessary, at least a pretty good idea.

Do I think that medical alert bracelets bring unwanted attention to something I’d prefer to keep quiet? Sometimes. But I also don’t hide from my diabetes anymore, I embrace it; use it as a tool to teach someone something new about it. I can, however, understand not wanting to call attention to a medical condition, not everyone needs to know. If you aren’t going to wear a medical alert bracelet, you should really consider carrying SOMETHING on you that says you have a medical condition (preferably something less vague than ‘I have a medical condition’). Keep it in your wallet/purse just in case.

I wear my own medical ID bracelet that I made. I DO NOT like the ones they sell at the drugstores for ten dollars. I think they are masculine, and while durable, don’t fit my persona too well.

There are a few places around the net to pick up a nice/girly/unique medical alert bracelet if you aren’t into the stereotypical manly chain and long metal piece with a giant red thing on it…ugh. I don’t even want to get into it.

StickMe Designs put out their line of Tuff Bands which are really cool. They look super durable, come in neat colors, and let people know just what they need to.

There are also a lottttt of really cool ones on Etsy. They’re all over, but here’s a link to an Etsy search for them. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Chubby Chico Charms sells just the charm that says DIABETES on one side and has the medical alert symbol on the other. These are what I bought and used to make my own medical alert bracelets. The cool thing about these is that with a jump ring and any clasp, you can turn any bracelet into a medical alert bracelet by just clipping the charm on to the bracelet! I do this sometimes if I’m going somewhere and happen to be wearing a jewelry set and don’t want to wear another bracelet.

Besides the one I have been wearing lately, I also have clipped the charm on to a really nice Lia Sophia bracelet I wore the other day, though, most recently, I have the charm clipped on to a pink hair tie on my wrist. I’m still searching for the perfect material (something that can get wet, withstand the gym, isn’t made of metal, and isn’t going to stand out/clash with anything else I wear)

If you want something really compatible with everything, go for the charms and just attach them to either a designated bracelet, or whatever you’re wearing. I think I bought like 8 or 10 on these charms, just to have. There are TONS of different options out there, if you are looking. There’s even ones out there with usb drives in them!

What’s your take on it? Do you wear a medical alert bracelet? Why, or why not?

My most recent medical alert bracelet is actually a Chubby Chico charm on a durable necklace!

My most recent medical alert bracelet is actually a Chubby Chico charm on a durable necklace!



2 thoughts on “To Medical ID or Not To Medical ID, THAT Is The Question.

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