When Enough Is FINALLY Enough.

Ok moms, I know you’re gonna hear me on this one. Anyone’s day go like this?

0700 – Wake up to screaming kids

0704 – Stumble out of bedroom is some sort of odd yoga pants/t-shirt/tank top/robe combination you may have seen on “What Not To Wear”

0710 – Diaper duty complete. Kids dressed.

0711 – First demand for a drink.

0715 – Kids eating breakfast

0720 – More juice demands

0745 – Breakfast done, table cleaned up, some sort of breakfast bar/shake downed. Coffee made.

0830 – Sweep baby’s throat to find she’s choking on a Barbie shoe. More toddler juice demands.

1000 – Baby nap time (yes!) More juice demands. Toddler toy clean up time.

1200 – Toddler lunch time, baby wake up time. Diaper duty. Baby lunch time. More juice demands.

1205 – Notice cold coffee cup, still full. Toddler toys still all over the place. Juice demands being refused due to toys not being cleaned up. Warning issued for toy noncompliance. Coffee in the microwave.

1300 – Toys still not cleaned up. Juice demands. Coffee cold again. Toy warning re-issued.

1400 – Baby nap time. Toddler quiet time. MORE juice demands. Toys STILL not cleaned up. Time out and another warning issued. (This is where it gets REALLY annoying)

For the sake of everyone’s sanity, I’m going to stop there because that is right around the point in my day when I decide “enough is enough, she’s cleaning up these toys/putting away her coloring stuff/stop coloring on herself with markers and I’m NOT going to repeat myself anymore. I’m not going to repeat myself anymore. I’M NOT GOING TO REPEAT MYSELF ANYMORE. Oh crap.”

I resort to time outs. Time outs DO NOT work. They just don’t. They are not the key to toddler compliance. I don’t care what people say. They’re bull. The kid just comes out and continues to not do what I asked her to. At least mine does.

Well you know what? ENOUGH IS FINALLY ENOUGH. I’m actually not doing this anymore. I’m done yelling, repeating myself. MOMS, NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION. Seriously.

Today, I caught Haley coloring on herself with marker AGAIN. Calmly, I asked her to get the cap for the marker, capped the marker, and took it away.  Three strikes have turn into two. Time outs are not going to be 3 minutes, they will be 5. Any when all else fails, the toys/markers/games/whatever gets taken away. Maybe forever, maybe for a little while, maybe for a day. Depends on what it is and how much she has pissed me off with it, I guess.

Seeing as how the world is populated with 7 billion people, many (if not most) of which are adults, there is some way that three year olds survive. I’m not sure how, but they obviously get through the absolutely-effing-horrid-horrific-worse-than-terrible-2 threes. The gloves are off and my mean mom hat is on. Take THAT. This is gonna work (until my post next week that will graze the topic of my diminishing sanity and my toddler’s refusal to listen).

A toddler girl crying

A toddler girl crying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How did you and your toddler survive the age of doom and destruction? Or didn’t they?


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