Why We ALL Need Jelly Beans In Life (Even Diabetics)

Okay, so, since now I get up at 7am (thanks, Harper!), I have been trolling WordPress like crazy, even though I don’t post that often. This morning I get an email telling me someone liked a blog post of mine and, as usual, since I didn’t know them, checked their blog out. Let me tell you, totally inspiring. I feel like such a shlep bitching and complaining about the little things when there are people out there who would consider my life a break from their own. Moving on….

One of Linda’s posts was titled “Life Is A Tiny Bag of Jelly Bellies” and I just had to know what was up. Forest Gump says it’s like a box of chocolates, and hell, as a diabetic, I’d take either if I could. (If anyone wants to get me some sugar free jelly bellies, I’d love you forever.)

In case you don’t have time to read the post (which I HIGHLY recommend, it’s not that long), I’ll post an excerpt explaining what the hell we’re talking about:

Having been on a diet for forever, I was starved for something sweet. I admit that I used to eat a lot of “comfort food”, so finding a way I could still do this and not gain weight has been a challenge.  Fortunately,  I came up with secret of packing little bags of Jelly Bellies, these great little jelly beans that really taste like what they say they taste like. My favorites are licorice, cotton candy, and, (of course for anyone who KNOWS me,) buttered popcorn.  I purchase only my favorite flavors, and package about 20 of them into little bags. Then, throughout the day when I need a little boost, I eat a few, and I am happy.

It has dawned on me that my life is full of little jelly belly moments, not in relation to the real jelly bean, but as a reaction to little events that can happen that also give me a boost and make me happy:”

Not being able to eat Jelly Bellies as much as I’d like, these “jelly belly moments” sound awesome. I almost want to eat them (then again I haven’t eaten breakfast yet). But it got me thinking, Jelly Belly moments are important, but the flavor  of the bean is more important. I love the buttered popcorn and the pear beans (not together – ew) but I freaking loathe licorice… that one is awful and, unless my husband wants to eat it, garbage bound. Then I thought about my metaphoric jelly belly box: is it full of buttered popcorn and pear, or licorice, or a nice combination of the two? What about your jelly bean box? I feel like I may have put a lot more licorice beans in there than I’d like, and I feel like maybe I should focus less on the licorice beans and more on the pear ones. (I hope you’re still following me here, it IS kind of early in the morning) I’m encouraging you to do the same. Don’t give your husband the gross jelly bean moments, just throw them out, that’s not cool.

Here are a few Jelly Belly moments for me:

  • When Haley follows an “I love you, Mommy” with “you’re….. (insert which ever obscure compliment she chooses for the day here)”
  • Sleeping in
  • Going to the gym and totally rocking it
  • Harper’s laugh
  • Random hugs and kisses from my girls
  • When I get up and there is nothing to clean
  • The 5 seconds right after to finish ALL of the laundry and there is not a single dirty thing in the house
  • Surprise visitors when my house looks immaculate
  • When my A1c tests come back awesome
  • Fasting sugars under 130
  • Winning an argument (yeah, I’m THAT competitive)
  • Spring weather during winter
  • Perfect hair days
  • Putting Haley in quiet time while Harper naps and watching SVU on Roku
  • Having time to read – anything
  • Crocheting, even if for a few minutes
  • Going out to dinner with my husband and not my kids (this is a lot of jelly beans)
  • My aunt’s stuffing
  • Getting all my bills paid for the month (a bag of jelly beans, for sure)
  • Making someone’s day
  • Talking to my best friend on the phone

I’d list the licorice ones, but I’ve thrown them out already 🙂

What’s in your jelly belly box? Share your beans in the comments section!


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