The Surprising Effect Exercise Has on My Glucose Levels.

Everything that I have ever read about diabetes tells me that diet and exercise, along with a healthy weight, will help reduce my glucose numbers. When I has gestational diabetes (ah, the good ol’ days), I was sent to diabetes education classes where they taught me that if my sugar got too high, I was supposed to move around for exercise and drink lots of water.

We are all on the same page here, yes?


I do all the right things (healthy weight, relatively okay diet) but when I go to exercise, something unusual happens: my sugar gets higher. 



I take my sugar in the morning (fasting) and usually pull something around the 115-135 range (not bad), eat an Atkins bar (2 net carbs), grab my Brita water bottle, and head off to the gym. At the gym I typically circuit train with weights for 40-60 minutes and consume at least one big bottle of water, sometimes two. I started to take my sugar afterwards and was really surprised to see that my sugar had gone up to the 160-175 range!

What the hell.

Anyone else having this problem/notice this trend/know what to do? Help a sista’ out!



4 thoughts on “The Surprising Effect Exercise Has on My Glucose Levels.

  1. I have noticed my sugar higher after 1/2 hour on the elliptical machine too (on the occasions when I check it). It has never been lower after exercise. I, too, found it odd…

  2. If I exercise for 15-45 minutes, my sugars normally rise. I think it’s adrenaline that causes the rise. Also, It depends on what foods your eating (if any) before you work out. I’m trying to find out the same thing for me personally. If I exercise for an hour plus, my sugars usually start to decline.

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