For When “Good Morning” Is A Debatable Statement.

We all have those days: Baby keeps you up all night, kids wake up screaming, house is a mess, no one wants to eat breakfast, blah, blah, blah, and you’re just sitting there wondering how many more minutes ’till bedtime. When the good old “Kids make my morning brighter!” thing is less than true and there is one thing in your line of sight:


It’s the difference between “I have no f***ing clue” and “ah, it’s hardly work when you love what you do” when someone asks how you do it. The only thing better than coffee, to me at least, is the mighty mug I choose to consume it in, which varies depending on my need for coffee for the day.

There’s your general run-of-the-mill mug. Everyone’s got ’em, they’re sold in boxes along with plates and bowls, nothing significant, good for everyday use. (I snagged this pic off the internet, but it’s my dish set)


Then there’s this fun, mustache mug. I use this one for when the kids are terrible OR I just need a laugh in the morning.


Then there’s Big Momma. I picked this one up at Big Lots. It’s actually a soup mug or something, I don’t know what that would be useful for. I DO, however, know that this gal holds the equivalent of two cups of coffee and should be used for those mornings when you feel like a limp noodle on the sidewalk in Times Square (think about that – ew).


Anyway, thanks to these things, my kids get fed, the messes get cleaned up, the laundry somehow gets done, and no one is killed in the process. If you don’t have a fun mug to save the day, find one here!

Anyone up for show and tell? Show me your mugs!


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