Christmas… scrambled, please. With some Catch-up.

See what I did there? (My brain is all scrambled from Christmassing and I’m trying to do a catch up post.)

Anyone else lost in the Christmas crunch? Because I certainly am.

Baking, cooking, shopping, wrapping, travelling, it’s all so much! It’s totally impossible not to get all scrambled up during this holiday season. There are the impossible demands from my 3-year-old combined with the mad rush of pre-season Walmart-ing are enough to make me go mad.

This year I sort of, well, skimped out of the Christmas cheer. We didn’t really go crazy with gifts, because like (almost) everyone else, we’re lacking the piles of cash needed to buy iPads and PS3’s, and like some other people (the lucky ones) my kid is too young to realize that Mommy and Daddy sucked at Christmas this year. So we’re capitalizing on that. I did make my famous peppermint chocolate bark (if you’ve ever had it before, you KNOW it’s delicious) as well as some cookies, but nothing too crazy this year.

December has been super busy for us. Right after Thanksgiving, I decided to have both the kids baptized BEFORE Christmas. Why before? Well, I don’t know. I got some sort of Holy kick in the ass and decided to just get it done. Also, my mother in law has been staying with us and will be leaving shortly after the holidays. So I called the church and it was either Dec, 2 (which was a little over a week away) OR the 23rd. A week’s notice it is! There was NO WAY I was expecting people to try to head down here the day before Christmas Eve for a baptism. So we did Thanksgiving, the baptism, Christmas shopping (well, we came up with ideas, anyway), I made a blanket for my nephew, my csister-in-law came for a visit, and then I was sick. Forever. I’m STILL sick. It’s been like, two weeks. AND tomorrow is Christmas Eve. So yeah, it’s been kinda busy around here.

That all explains why I have been a sucky blogger AND a sucky Christmasser. And that’s just how it goes. I did, however, come up with a few tips for staying sane during the holiday season (and beyond!):

1. Que Sera, sera. This means “Whatever will be, will be” I’m so serious about this one that it’s actually tattooed on me. I’m serious, it’s on my side.

2. “Batteries included” DOES NOT MEAN “batteries included forever”. Aunt Tilly send some annoying-ass toy that makes awful/creepy noises? Don’t worry, with the help of a screwdriver, you can make sure those Duracell batteries turn into cheap batteries with some sort of Chinese characters on it that last for a week.

3. Breathe. This is a good one for, well all the time. I’m not talking “breathe” like “don’t kill yourself” (don’t, but that’s not what I mean). I’m talking about taking a second of quiet time (the kids won’t die if they scream for a minute) and just take a few deep breaths.

4. Drugs. Just say yes to drugs during family occasions. It makes things not only easier, but way more entertaining.

5. Wine. See above. Also, I ALWAYS advocate the use of wine.

That about does it. I DO want to just throw a quick recipe on here for some AWESOME cookies that I made. Now, I made these for a big group, so I used regular sugar instead of Splenda, but there wasn’t too much sugar in the actual dough, so you should be fine subbing out sugar for Splenda. These cookies do have cinnamon sugar on them, and I would probably just take the hit and use regular sugar for that part. Anyway, here you go.

Okay, well for now, I think that does it. I will DEFINITELY try to be on here more and stop neglecting my blog, but no promises.


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