Travel-ly Safe-ly!

Frozen Foster Farms breast nuggets.

So, this afternoon I fed the baby 1/2 container Sweet potatoes, 1/2 container, apples, strawberries, and bananas, and Haley had a few chicken nuggets. I had my back to her while feeding the baby and I hear her saying “travel-ly safel-ly!”, then nothing. She repeated this two or three times until I turned to her to see what was up.

me: “Hal, what are you saying?”

Hal: “Travel-ly safe-ly!”

me: “You mean like, travel safely?”

Hal: “Yup.

me: “Why?”

Hal: “Because it’s dark in there, there’s no lights!”

Me: “…where?”

Hal: “In my mouf!!”

Aaaaaaaandd that’s where I lost it. To reiterate, she wished her chicken nuggets safe travels as they embarked on their great journey through her “mouf” to her tummy, because her mouth has no lights in it and it’s dark. Yeah.

She did this with ever bite, mind you.

Until the last one.

I heard started to ignore her wishing good travels to her chicken nuggets after about the 10 time she said it since I was feeding the baby. So I hear “travel-ly safel-ly” and then thud.


Yeah. “travel-ly safel-ly!” and she threw the effing nugget at me, RIGHT IN THE HEAD. I had nothing to do but laugh. It was hysterical. Believe me, I had every intention of yelling at her for throwing a nugget at me…. but her wishing it safe travels before she did it killed me.

I looked at her, red in the face from trying to laugh too loud, this happened:

me: “Um… Hal… did you just throw a chicken nugget at me?!”

Hal: “…… (long pause and deep thought face)…… Yes.”

me” “why?!”

Hal: “Because I did.”

Well folks, there you have it. Because she did.

Defeated, I told her to pick it up, not do it again, and finish her lunch. Then I went inside and called people to tell them about it.


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