Ranting About Marriage Because the Internet Made Me.


I’m from the first generation to grow up with computers in the classroom and in (at the time) most homes in America. Where, at grammar school age, we were introduced to the information mecca known as “the internet”. People were going crazy for it with their dial-up modems and the iconic “You’ve Got Mail!” announcement from that AOL guy we went on to make fun of. And it was great. The answer to every question we had was right at the end of out fingers, communication was a breeze and for a moment we were smarter, more capable, informed. Then, as with all things, it seems, we used it to remove ourselves from reality, as an excuse to do things we shouldn’t, and as a way to spread hate.

With this influx of information, the ability to publish your opinion, and open, anonymous communication came support groups and web forums dedicated to various topics. I feel like this is sort of where we went wrong. Before the internet, if you have a problem with someone or something, you talked to your friends, parents, or family about it. Now, if you didn’t like someone or something, you posted it to the internet where millions of people viewed it and supported you. What the internet didn’t tell you is, while you had 45 people tell you that your husband’s attitude and the way he treated you is simply inexcusable, 1000 more viewed it and laughed at you.

Today, we are hooked right into the internet, it’s on our phones, laptops. work computers, home computers, and e-readers. We constantly look to our internet world for advice and approval. So when our hubbies don’t take the garbage out, put the seat down, refuse to change a poopy diaper, or take 5 seconds too long to answer a text message  we head right for the internet to both tattle and try to decode the action like it’s some sort of well-thought plot to destroy the sanctity of your marriage. Here’s the deal: YOU are destroying the sanctity of your marriage, not your garbage hoarding husband.

Every day, I read these articles published by maniacs with various enticing titles like “5 Ways to Know if Your Husband is Cheating on You” or “How to Get Past Your Husband’s Lock Code”. SINCE WHEN did women become these suspicious, problem seekers in failing marriages?! As much as I hate to admit it, I think that we are our own undoing here. While it’s true that men use the internet to look at porn or head over to iwannabeasugardaddy.com and stuff like that, WOMEN, YOU DO IT TOO. And what’s worse about women, is that the blast their husbands on the internet to social networking sites and web forums, publicly. And there’s the leader of the local Man-Haters club sitting on the other side of the internet telling you “enough’s enough! Leave that guy, he’s no good.” or “He’s probably cheating on you.”, and there you have it: your marriage is in trouble.

I’m by no means a feminist, nor do I believe women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. But I’m sort of tired of reading these articles about how women are being beaten down by men all the time. While it’s true that women still face adversity in the professional world, I don’t think your husband is to blame for that. There are tons of articles telling wives to rise up against their husbands and demand fairness, and they should. What they should NOT do, it immaculate their husbands so that they come out on top, merely for the pleasure of doing so. And this is where the internet REALLY plays a big part to me. Websites all over and posting articles with advice telling you that you are so much better than your husband because you are a strong, focused, woman when what they should be telling you is that you are just as good as your husband.

My husband doesn’t live on the internet like I do, so I don’t know for sure, but I’m sure men do it too, just not as often. I’m not about to get into how the porn industry is wrecking homes or any of that crap, because if it is, chances are there is a deeper seeded issue, like communication, that is wrecking your home. But I do know that there are two sides to every story.c

What I’m getting at, I guess, is that I’m just effing tired of the internet hating husbands and trying to get me to hate mine. No, I’m NOT interested in trash-talking my husband to the whole world so that the internet can tell me what a jerk he is, how I’m so much better than him, and that I should just leave the sorry lump. He’s not, I’m not, and no thanks, back off.



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