When Being a Mom Sucks: The Results.

Yesterday, I blogged about talking to your toddler about the loss of a pet. I figured I would just post a quick results blurb.

When we left with Chloe we had Haley give her a kiss, but not say good-bye. She asked where we were going with her and I said “the vet.” She asked if we were taking her to the doctor’s and I told her that the vet was very different from the doctor’s office. And with that, we left.

When we got home she asked where Chloe was and then it was game time. I hadn’t quite decided what I was actually going to say, even though I had an idea. At the last second, because I was on the spot and didn’t have time to collect my thoughts, just replied, quietly and calmly,

“Well, Haley hun, Chloe died.”

“Chloe died?? Last night?”

“No, sweetie. Today. That means she’s not coming back anymore. Mommy is sad about it and if you are too, that’s okay.”

“Okay, Mommy.”

And with that, she went back to watching Mickey mouse Clubhouse without incident. I DID accidentally make her chain collar make noise when I removed it from my purse (my husband asked me to being it home for him) and she said “I THINK CHLOE’S BACK!!” So I had to, again, remind her that Chloe isn’t coming back.

I’m expecting more “where’s Chloe?’ questions, but I knew that was coming.

Anyway, that’s the end of my pet loss explanation experience, I really hope this helps someone during their tough time.

Rest in peace, Chloe.


6 thoughts on “When Being a Mom Sucks: The Results.

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  2. My cat died very suddenly this February. He was not well so I took him to the vet and by the time I got there it was basically too late to save him. We didn’t know what to say to my three-year-old, except the truth. Weeks and months later, out of the blue, he’d bring up that our kitty had died.

    This summer we got two new kittens. I had to take one of them to the vet for a checkup and my three-year-old asked if the kitty was coming back or if he was going to die too 😦

    • It so tough losing a pet, there’s just no two ways about it. I know that she will bring it up again, and I’m sure that will be sad for everyone. I’m hoping that she doesn’t ask in the near future and suddenly realize what it means to die. I was SO careful with my wording, insisting the vet and the doctor were different places and people, but I feel like stuff like that is unavoidable. I imagine he felt better after you brought the kitten home from the vet. We still have a cat. I think the next time he goes in for a check-up or something, I will bring her along with me to show her that going to the vet doesn’t mean the animal is going to die.

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