“Please I want that?”

It finally happened: Haley sees a commercial on tv and wants whatever is on there. Today: Twinkle Toes, Stompees, Stuffies, Magic Bullet, Press Dough, some spray on rubber sealant, and a cake pop maker.

I either need to parental block all commercials (yeah right) or watch them with her because I couldn’t tell you the difference between a Stompee and a Stuffie if you held a Smith and Wessie to my headdy-weddy. Seriously. What the hell.

I know the simple solution is to turn the TV off, but that’s not ACTUALLY the simple solution, that’s the bash-your-head-on-the-wall-after-your-kid-is-bored-and-screaming-and-the-baby-won’t-stop-screaming solution (I’ll have to come up with an abbreviation for that…. seems a little long-winded – “The BYHOTWAYKIBASATBWSS Method”).

I mean really, WHERE DO THESE KIDS GET OFF DOING THIS?! Wanting everything they see on TV. Stupid advertising. She doesn’t even need to know what is it, what it does, or it’s intended consumer; she just wants it. She’s ridiculous. Christmas will be easy this year I guess, no?


One thought on ““Please I want that?”

  1. Dawson wants scrubbling bubbles…we were at walmart in the cleaning isle and he freaked out “MOM! SCRUBBING BUBBLES!! WE NEED SCRUBBING BUBBLES!!!! PWEEEEASE!!!” Dawson also wants Pediasure Sidekicks and Kid’s Fish Oil to “make me listen” 🙂

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