Giveaway Results.

I got an email this evening from SlimKicker. They decided their favorite entry was:

“great idea about reducing portion sizes… hmm.. my challenge would be to eat while sitting down and not having any distractions like watching TV or surfing the internet.”
from  Trikim! So CONGRATS, Trikim! I sent you an email with directions to claiming your prize.
Thanks everyone who entered!
Just because you didn’t win, doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from this. Head on over and read the comments on that blog post (I think there were 33 of them) for great weight loss challenges you can do yourself (or with a friend) and get into gear! I definitely enjoyed doing this giveaway and will hopefully be doing another one soon.
Just for slimkicks and giggles, try some of these challenges, even if you don’t heave over and sign up with SlimKicker (though they really are neat) and come back and share your experience. I’m really interested in everyone’s progress. I know I will be posting about how I’m doing with it (and maybe a few suggestions of my own, targeted at people with diabetes) too.
Congrats again, Trikim 🙂

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