Slacking and b**ching and a Reminder.

Here’s a general post to catch up on a few things and so that I can whine and you guys have to read it 🙂 .

First on the agenda: My diet. Holy crap, anyone else out there sucking up their diet? I’ve had froyo last night AND the night before (and we’re talking serve your own and cover it in candy and crap, froyo). I ate steak today and didn’t cut the fat off (oh nooo!). I also had pancakes AND a breakfast burrito this week… just bad. All bad. On top of that, I have been missing the gym because hubby’s schedule just doesn’t allow for it these past two weeks. Well, I’m done. Back to gym finally, and back on a somewhat healthy diet. I have been feeling terrible since eating all this junk food; it definitely slows me down. I haven’t taken my sugar in days and I kind of prefer it that way. Any other diabetics actually document their blood glucose levels during a week-long junk food binge?

Next: my kids. My kids were terrible today! Harper is teething (dun,dun,dunnn) so she is a nightmare and Haley is finally regressing (yay…) because of the baby. Combine that with the fact that she’s three and well, toddlers are jerks sometimes, AND that Mike’s been gone a lot the past two weeks, so she’s wanting attention. And, of course, neither of them wanted to go to bed tonight.

Today, I asked her to clean up her toys (again). This kid looks me dead in the face and goes “ummm…. no.” And that’s the story of how Harper ended up an only child (just kidding).

Also: I have been totally into crocheting. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I have a fun little habit of starting crafts, loving them, buying a bunch of stuff for them, then leaving them in the closet for years. Hopefully this won’t end the same way. Refer to this post for the first thing I made (there’s a link to the pattern for them on that post).

Finally: Here’s a friendly reminder! The giveaway I’m running ends tomorrow night (Sunday, September 2, 2012), so this is your LAST CHANCE to enter! It’s totally worth it guys, don’t miss out! Enter to win riiiiiiiiiiiiight…… here.

That’s about all I have for now. I’m looking forward to the holiday weekend and some family time with hubbs (yay three-day weekend!). Any big plans?


2 thoughts on “Slacking and b**ching and a Reminder.

  1. I have definitely noticed that once I start exercising I feel extra bad about binging on crap. Everyone always told me once you get into a habit of living the healthy lifestyle, you’d feel better and it would get easy. For the most part, it has. My motivation and energy levels have been surprisingly high. I WANT to exercise or else I feel depleted, more so than before. I’m still on the journey of discovering healthy foods, I’ve been slowly adding healthier things to my diet. Way more fruits and a wider array of veggies. I still don’t eat the healthiest meats but I make them rare. Note* If you can’t take bacon out of your diet, turkey bacon is okay. Just okay though.

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