Results. (look what I did!)

Remember my post yesterday about the crochet baby booties? If you don’t, just click that link. Well I gave the booties my best shot. I have never REALLY crocheted before (I have done a few chair stitches here and there as a kid while my grandmother was crocheting) but the pattern on the post said it was super easy. I have to say, I definitely didn’t do too badly! There are a few loose stitches here and there, and they could probably be a little more symmetrical, but they are adorable! I made them a little taller and added an extra button, as well as made them a little wider at the leg to fit them over her leggings, but you can definitely tell they were based off the pictures in the post, and to me, that spells victory.


It did take me like 3 or so hours to do these (including the time spent stopping to feed the baby and clean her after she got sick), but someone with experience could probably bang these puppies out in about an hour and a half. If I could do this never having crocheted anything before, without good crochet hooks, and without a tapestry needle (yikes!), anyone can do it!

Side-note: apparently you can use a bobby pin in place of a tapestry needle?! Who knew?! It did catch a few times and was somewhat difficult to use; I’m sure the real needle would be a lot easier.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of how mine came out. Someone else try these and submit your results!

Also, don’t forget about my giveaway, which ends this Sunday!



7 thoughts on “Results. (look what I did!)

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