Uggs-But-Not Baby Boots!

I’m going to give this a whirl tonight… Wish me luck! If I can do this, any of you can.

Prairie Baby

With the cooler weather moving in and a new granddaughter, I had plenty of inspiration to try to come up with warm baby boots.

I first started with this basic pattern. By adding boot “flaps” that fold over, a bit of fake fur, and some funky buttons, I whipped up these “Uggs-But-Not” in no time!  You can make these out of scrap yarn, use felt for buttons, fabric in place of the fur…whatever you have on hand!  These are about a 6-9 months size.

Materials You’ll Need:


Crochet Hook (I used an H because it’s what I had on hand)

About a 7-inch long scrap of fake fur or fabric

Tapestry Needle (used to weave in loose yarn ends)

2 Large Buttons

Needle and Thread



Left Boot:

Loosely chain 25

HDC in second chain from hook; HDC across row; chain 2; turn

Row 2: HDC in…

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4 thoughts on “Uggs-But-Not Baby Boots!

    • Oh myyyy! I am NOT playing that game anymore; kitchen’s closed!
      That being said…. THESE THINGS ARE SO FRIGGIN CUTE. I’m going to post what mine come out like, even if they’re terrible.

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