So, Snooki’s a mom.


Just a quick rant on here since I realized, after seeing “CONGRATS SNOOKI” on a sign on the side of the road, that I’m totally annoyed that she got a kid. I MEAN REALLY.

Have you ever looked at someone toting a kid around thinking “what the hell?” I have. I do! All the time. But Snooki?! No. I just can’t. I hope she knows that they don’t watch your kid for you a Club Karma (or where ever they frequent in Seaside, NJ) while you dance around. AND WHAT’S HER KID GONNA THINK?! “Mom, you were soooo cool back in the day when I was a baby. I wish I could get drunk and parade around like you when I grow up!” NO. Stop. I just can’t.

I worked hard to be a mom! I’m a good mom (usually)! I don’t get a TV show. These people are crazy. I really hope for that kid’s sake that she straightens up. I have seen it happen. I can definitely see her buying her kid some trashy onesie and I WILL be judging her. Who am I kidding? I’m judging her now.



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3 thoughts on “So, Snooki’s a mom.

  1. I saw one of those pictures of an interview with her and the quotes on it (with the whole, “I don’t want to live in this planet anymore”) and she said basically that diaper changing is gross and she will have her maid do it because that’s what maids are for. She will only dress him and show him how to dress coool. I thought of how sad and messed up that kid is going to be. For many, many reasons. I’ll get the link if I can find it so you can read the whole thing. It makes you want to rip her nasty poof of and shove her head into a wall repeatedly, THEN find the dood who knocked her up (whoever he is) and remove his testicles, one at a time.

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