….Or what?

Today, I asked my toddler to clean up her crayons. Now, I (and every other mom, ever) ask these damn kids to clean up after themselves a million times a day. Do they ever listen?


Well today, I decided I’m just tired of it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Mom’s rise up and take control of these ruthless toddlers! I stood my ground. No longer was I going to pick up the same toys a hundred times a day, only to have to pick them up after she goes to bed, NO MORE. Or this would happen: “HALEY LOGAN, clean up those crayons right NOW.” “….. or what?”

And that’s the story of how my head exploded all over the place at 23 years old.

It got me thinking: or what?

Or nothing, I guess. Or I try desperately not to laugh at that. Or I try not to beat the attitude out of you. Or I put you time out for sassing Mommy. Or I throw the crayons away and feel like a jerk while you cry about it. Or… nothing.

For the record, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” just flew out of my mouth and I guess I made that “do it now or you’re in time out ’till you’re 30” face, because she shook her head “yes” and picked up those crayons. As a matter of fact, she picked up ALL her toys before she went to bed tonight. Mission Accomplished. 

Some days I wonder just what I’ve gotten myself into with this whole toddler thing. Am I doomed?


6 thoughts on “….Or what?

  1. Nothing can kill a person’s perfectly good sanity like a toddler. In times like these, I just tag hubby (please imagine those cheesy pro-wrestling tag ins at this moment) and say “Good luck babe, I’m out…”

    I don’t handle toddlers well at all. “Or what?”… testing the waters Mom… testing the waters.

    Hang in there! It gets better! My toddler is now turning into a preschooler who can COMMUNICATE with me. It’s soooooo refreshing!

    • I know the pay-off is almost always worth it. but my God it’s a heavy price to pay! I wish my hubby was around more and I could tag him in, he works a lot though.

  2. The answer is yes, you are doomed. At least for another year or so :). I hear that around age 4 things start getting easier. I’m sure hoping that there is some truth to this. Tonight I told my daughter I was going to throw all her toys away if she didn’t help pick up. Her response: she flipped her pony tail at me and said “You are jeal-ous”. I can only imagine what the teen years will be like!

    • OMG! haha Funny you should say that because I was just going to make a post about the same thing! I told mine I was going to put all the toys in the garbage if she didn’t clean them up and she said “okay. Go ahead.” WE are doomed!

  3. Oh my gosh I so totally relate to this post! I have a three year old little mouthy boy and he is work’n it, Girl! A while back I bought a barrel of monkeys, the game, and started using those as a sort of positive discipline technique. When he does what he’s supposed to, I give him a monkey and when he doesn’t, I take one away. And when he gets five monkeys he gets to choose a prize from a “treasure chest”.

    I LOVE it when his response to a threat of taking away a monkey is, “Okay, take it. That’ll be okay,” and he says it with a smirk that I want to rub off with a brillo pad. Ugh. Then I’m forced to come up with a back-up on the fly – and feeling like total ditz. Usually the monkey thing works but when it doesn’t…ugh.

    Whoo hoo motherhood!!

    Digging your blog, BTW. Found it through Diapers and Stilettos!

    • This made me lol. I hate that kids are so smug! I REALLY gate having to come up with something on the fly…. I had to get out the garbage bag the other day and start putting her toys in it. I rattled off every single thing I put in there, including her favorite toy. That changed her tune. She could only get her toy back after she cleaned up the toys.

      I’m glad you’re liking what you’re reading! I love diapersandstilettos!

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