“You’re stressing my diabetes out!”

STRESS. It’s an ugly word, and an ugly feeling; with ugly consequences, and ugly results. But we all deal with it.

Everyone has their own stressors; kids, work, school, family, you parents (if you’re 12 and don’t know how good you’ve probably got it). For some people, the effects are simple: you just feel stressed. Some people get palpitation, headaches, stomach aches, they cry, they scream, they run away, but still, the stress comes back to you like you never addressed it in the beginning. Because you didn’t. I know this because I didn’t. I still don’t.

Today was a stressful day for me. After putting my kids (finally) the F to bed, and grabbing a beer or two, I decided to make the most of my stressful day and share some of the subtle effects stress has on someone like me (a tightly wound diabetic).

For me, stress = headaches, stomach aches, palpitations, body aches, loss of appetite (excessive snacking), and an upset in my blood glucose levels. I had a pretty good dinner, followed by a blood sugar level of 148 mg/dl (that’s 8.2mmol/l). I hadn’t really had anything else to eat after that, then around bedtime Haley pitched a giant 45 minute fit that had me  screaming and almost in tears. After addressing my headache and settling my tummy, I took my sugar: 185 (10.7)! All that from a scuffle with my toddler, sheesh. She’s trying to kill me!

Here’s what the American Diabetes Association has to say about stress and diabetes.

At least it’s not just me. Anyone else have comments on the effects of stress on your glucose levels? I am down for checking my levels after a stressful event in the future.


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