Haley’s Online Dating Input and #beachproblems

A good friend of mine decided to delve into the online dating world.  Sometimes she comes over here and we check out the scene from the comfort of my couch. Every time someone announces “Oh he’s cute!”, or something to that effect, Haley comes from where ever she is hanging out (usually with us) and responds with “NO! I’m cute!” Now, this is adorable, but definitely gets old after a while. I can only imagine what she would be like if I were the one dating and not my girlfriend. I don’t think my husband would mind if I tried it out (just kidding!).

Also, living on the Jersey shore (not the trashy MTV kind, the real, pretty Jersey shore), you would think that I go to the beach all the time and get my killer tan on all the time and have big hair and say things like “CAW-fee” and “BAWls”. Well, I most certainly do NOT get to go to the beach every day and my killer tan comes from the tanning bed at the gym (that’s right, I confess.). As a matter of fact, I have not been to the beach in years. Haley HATES the beach. She hates the water, she hates the sand, she hates the heat, she hates the outside. I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH, DAMNIT! I can’t figure out what to do with this one and I’m hoping that someone out there has some good ideas to contribute. I probably can’t get a sitter for the kids so I can go to the beach, so that’s not really a good idea. Any ideas on how I can get Haley (and now that baby, too!) to the beach, happily and safely?


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