When it’s Okay To Be Late (NOOM REVIEW)

I have been slacking on my blog, like, big time. It seems like I have the weirdest schedule; very hot and cold. This was a hot weekend, I guess, because I have been all over the place. I totally intended to write this app review over the weekend, than I was going to do it yesterday, then this morning, so…. better late then never.

What I’m talking about here is NOOM. It’s an awesome little app that I’m running in the Android OS on my Incredible 2.

WHAT IT IS: A weight-loss app for people who need to lose weight, step up exercise, and NOT harp on counting calories.

WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: For me, the calorie logging feature. They call it “simple logging” or “quick logging” or something like that, but basically what it is, is a roundabout calorie logger (they call it “Volumetrics”). There are three categories for calories, red (bad), yellow (okay), and green (good). You can use their food look-up tool (while it has a lot of stuff in there, it’s not as comprehensive as some of the other apps out there) and it will tell you what color group the food item is and then from there, you log the portion size you ate. Some of the portion size options are amusing (2 dice, 1/2 a tennis ball) but at the end, they all end up being the same calories. The portion size references differ between while sub category you choose (200 calories of broccoli is a different portion size than 200 calories of whole grain pasta) After using the app for a week of two, I was able to just put the calories in without looking everything up. At the end of the day, you can click on “analyze” and get your total calories for the day, calories consumed v. calories allotted/day, and a rating for your daily intake (1 – 5 stars).


The other thing I like a lot about this app is the exercise tracker. Since the majority of my exercise is done at the gym, there are some fun mapping features I wasn’t quite able to put up here, but I did try to get some of the other things. The mapping part IS very cool though. Basically, the way you start and exercise tracking is the same: simply click “start workout”. From there, you can choose which activity you are using (ATTN SAHM’S: YOU CAN LOG HOUSEWORK – it’s awesome). They have TONS of things to choose from! If you choose an activity that includes distance (walking, biking, etc), the app will track where you went, how fast you moved, where you stopped, and how long you were out. There is a cute little map that pops up after you complete your workout. If you choose something like circuit training (my favorite!) or housework, the app will log how long you were doing the activity. There are optional things you can buy like a heart rate monitor and whatnot, but I don’t bother with those personally. No matter what you choose, the app will tell you how many calories you have burned (it even tells you in terms of food!) and it will play music from your phone’s library! Super convenient. ALSO, if you don’t take your phone to exercise (I leave mine in a locker and just bring my iPod), you can log previous exercise. You input which activity you did, how long/how many miles, and the intensity and it give you an approximate calorie burned number (you do have the option to edit this if you know how many you burned

Image Image

Further, you have daily goals to meet. Some of these you set (how many times per week you exercise, how much weight you want to lose, how quickly) and there are some they set for you (weigh in, replace a soda with a bottle of water, read an article) and you check them off as you meet them (there will be 4 per day).

Image  Image

Finally, there is a little chart that stays in your status bar that shows how many calories you have burnt in the last 7 days as well as your workout schedule. Red means you missed your workout (oops), green means you made it. You set your workout routine when you set up your profile.


PRICE: FREE! There is a “Noom Pro” that costs $9.99/month. They claim that Pro users have more customized pages and therefore quicker results. I am not a Noom Pro user, so I know nothing about any differences. I DO know that $9.99 is less than Weight Watchers, so if you plan to be a serious user, it may be worth the money.

SUM IT UP ALREADY!: I love this app. I have actually lost weight on it. I use it every day, without fail. It tells me everything I have done food and exercise wise and seeing my accomplishments makes me want to do it more. The easy calorie counting makes it manageable for me to log what I’m eating, and the reasonable goals on here make it easy to lose what you want, without the public guilt if you mess up on your diet. TRY THIS APP! 5 Stars!



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