Jerky Teenagers and My Weekend Blog Forecast.

I told my husband that I WASN’T going to blog about this, but apparently I lied. While I’m not trying to get into details (just know it was dumb), I did decided that I am inspired to have a sit down with fellow parents.

Believe me, I know kids say the darndest things and whatnot, but at a certain age it stops being cute… in fact, it’s freakin’ rude. Now, this is an odd post to put following my most recent post, but I’m not talking about toddlers with no filter here, I’m talking about disrespectful teenagers. I was kinda a mean kid when I was younger, but I definitely don’t remember hassling adults I didn’t know.

These kids are ruthless! I am by no means fat. No toddlers have ever yelled “That’s a FAT!” at me or anything (except that one time while I was pregnant). But while at Kohl’s last night buying pants, these girls called me fat! Not like I accidentally overheard it, not like I could have been mistaken, like “yeah, like there’s anything skinny about her!”, fat (I was looking at a cute pair of skinny jeans.)

This is where I realize I need a time machine.

At first I was all “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I’m gonna go knock Miss. Twiggy out!” ….. until I realized that I’m an adult and adults layin’ a good ol’ beat down on teenagers is frowned upon these days. Then I was all, “I’m gonna say something and it’s gonna have a lot of curses in it.”…. until I realized that I’m an adult and yelling curses at teenagers is frowned upon these days.  CRAP. Besides, what was I gonna say? “Hey kid, where’s your mother? Does she know you’re a brat?” Yeah, I don’t think so. So instead I went to my mom’s house and whined to her about it (thanks, Mom).

Here’s what I’m trying to say: Parents, teach your kids to can their pie holes please. Let’s be real, not everyone minds being frowned upon, and one say they’re gonna say something and Mr./Mrs.ILikeBeingFrownedUpon is going to lay a beatin’ on your kid for being a jerk. It’ll happen.

I know I have been making an effort to teach Haley the difference between being funny/cute and being rude, I feel like now is probably the time to do that. Anyone else have some fun “I wish I could have smacked that kid” stories? I’m interested.

Also, some sort of delicious food post will be happening some time by the end of the weekend, I’m trying to decide on what to go for. I also have an interesting weight loss app to share, so watch for that.


One thought on “Jerky Teenagers and My Weekend Blog Forecast.

  1. ok, this person was not necessarily a teenager, but reflective of the rude attitude – heck, almost a sense of entitlement – that younger people have. I held the door open for some young skiny twirpy guy carrying a bunch of boxes; he marched right through and did not even acknowledge, much less thank me, for the gesture. For ten minutes I wished I had let the door slam in his snot nosed skinny ass face.

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