Oh yes. She did. (points for participation, guys!)


I decided to compile a list of my favorite Haley-isms. This kid has a habit of saying the most terrible things at the WORST possible times. Nothing is off-limits to her either: age, race, size, weight, facial features…. it’s ALL fair game in Haley’s world. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • LOCATION: HOME.  Well we can start with her learning “See ya, Fatty.” from “Happy Feet“. She now says that to me when I leave the room.
  • LOCATION: WALMART.  A um, oversized, woman wearing tie-dye was standing in the hair care isle. She moved suddenly to reach for something, Haley screamed and ran like Godzilla was attacking.
  • LOCATION: BJ’S.  An unfortunate looking woman answered her phone, drawing attention to Haley. She promptly pointed at her and said “MOMMY. LOOK! A FUNNY FACE!! LOOK AT THAT FUNNY FACE!” Please note: my husband walked away from us, leaving me to try to apologize.
  • LOCATION: HOME.  While going through wedding pictures from mine and Mike’s wedding, Haley told me I looked like a princess. Then I told her they pictures were from Mommy and Daddy’s wedding and she responded with, “Daddy married YOU?!”
  • LOCATION: WALMART.  At a large woman, “Mommy look! That’s a FAT.”

Now, there are others (they’ll probably show up somewhere else in a post or something), but I plan to try to include her famous remarks in future posts.

I want to know that everyone else has a kid that embarrasses the hell out of them.  Why not go ahead a slap an embarrassing kid story of your own in the comment section, let’s laugh together.



3 thoughts on “Oh yes. She did. (points for participation, guys!)

  1. At ihop, a big family walked past our table to be seated. At the end if the 12ish people was a large woman. Dawson of course sitting at the end of the table closest to them says “Thats a big family” (no problem) then as the last person walks by and says “And that’s a BIG BELLY”…needless to say Jenn and I looks at eachother “shh” Dawson and look down…mortified 🙂 where’s the filter?!?!!

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