New Blog Home and My Mom’s Aggravation.

I’ll be expecting blogwarming gifts no later than next Friday. WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG! WordPress is MUCH better than blogger in terms of options (I CAN CATEGORIZE MY BLOGS!), so I ditched blogger quicker than a dress on prom night.

This is my mom! Well, my mom and my daughter, Haley at her third birthday party.

When I was little, my mom used to blame everything on aggravation. I mean EVERYTHING. She had a knack for making us think everything that happened to her was from us aggravating her.  Pimple? Aggravation. Belly ache? Aggravation. BIRTHMARK? Aggravation (yes, we aggravated her while she was in my grandmother’s womb, we were horrid).

Back in the day, my brother and I joked about this a lot (sorry, Ma). As I got older though and had kids of my own, I began to realize something crazy:


I now notice myself walking around grumbling to my three year old (like she gives a crap), “Mommy has a headache from aggravation, go inside!”. Every time she asks me why something is the way it is, I tell her it’s from aggravation, and most of the time I’m not lying!

So Mom, here is an entire blog post’s worth of apology for not believing that we gave you headaches, pimples, belly aches, and general grief! (good thing MY kids aren’t as bad as we were…. )


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