HomebodyMommy files: Confession: I’ll Take my Juice To Go, Please









This is from March 15, 2010… back in the day when it was just Haley and me doing the stay at home thing.


So we’re rounding the corner of eight months into mommydom. As many of you with kids know, this is where this starts to get fun. Well yes, Haley is trying to crawl, and as of the other day, walk too. She tries to talk and make words, she said “Bob Bob” the other day when asked if she wanted to see SpongeBob, as well as tried to say “Yeah” in reply to me saying “oh yeah?” to her. Also, “Baba” is officially her first word. Cute? Of course.

Let me get into the not-so-cute part of this new rĂ©gime: the screaming in objection. Part of growing up is knowing what you want; I get that (really, I do.) But, and here’s the big one, this screaming when she’s not getting what she wants thing, well it just has to go. Now go ahead, veteran moms, laugh it up, but my sanity is on the line here, people!

The other day, I decided I deserved a shower, I mean, I DID clean all day and yadda, yadda, yadda. So I continue on to put Haley’s jumperoo is the doorway to the bathroom with a toy, cookie, and her apple juice a la Sippy cup (same as every other day I take a shower). Well as soon as I get in the shower, the screaming starts. So I poke my head out, and she laughs. OK, another disaster averted. No, no. The screaming continues the second I step back into the shower and am out of sight. Well, by now, I am thoroughly aggravated with the situation and decide that a shower doesn’t take that long, and this is just one of those times where she’ll just have to cry it out. Again, no.

While in the shower, my wonderful daughter throws such a fit that she is screaming and crying, slumped over in her jumperoo, and looking rather pathetic. By now, I’m trying to rinse conditioner out of my hair and I hear her throw up. Yes, that’s right, she threw such a fit that she made herself sick. I heard this and furiously get out of the shower, conditioner and everything, clean up her face, and offer some juice to my now, semi-calm kid. I offer juice again and again, and after being metaphorically told to shove it, in a fit of rage, I threw the juice cup into the other room, stomp to the kitchen covered in soap and my towel, try to make her a bottle only to see that there are no clean bottles, and no more filtered water. By this point, I call my aunt (conveniently right up the street) crying and yelling some incoherent rant about dirty bottles and filthy water and my soapy, wet, towel laden self in my kitchen. Luckily, she offered some reprieve.

This, folks, was probably the first time in a long time that I really lost my cool with her, usually I have a lot more patience, I just really needed 10 minutes to take a shower (preferably in peace). Needless to say, moms, throwing juice is never the answer! Actually it adds to the chaos because now you have juice to clean up. THINK BEFORE YOU THROW!

And that’s about all I have to say for now. Happy momming!










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