What You’re Making for Dessert.


I HAVE to share one of my favorite diabetes friendly dessert items with you. I found these at my local Walmart as well as the grocery store in town. Pillsbury put out a line of sugar free cake mixes, brownie mixes AND frosting. Now, before you get your big dumb white hats on and prepare to make some gourmet junk that you can shove your pancreas-impaired self into, know that (for now) there is just yellow cake and chocolate cake, regular brownie mix, and vanilla and chocolate frosting. That being said, you can take vanilla cake mix and RUN with it. Try Staphanie Ashcraft’s book, 200 Cake Mix Creations (pick up your copy here!)

So far, I have had the brownies (which I made into brownie pops!), the vanilla cake, and the frostings (which I have to say are a BIT tacky, but still good). Here are some ideas that even the most spastic bakers can pull off:

  • Nuts, chocolate chips, other sugar free/reduced ice cream toppings, additives for the brownies.
  • Add spices to the yellow cake for a pseudo-spice cake!
  • Pick up that book and go nutso in your kitchen with those cake mixes.
  • Add color or flavoring to those frosting containers for a different/festive effect. 
Obviously, adding crap into these sugar free mixes MIGHT negate the “Sugar free” part, so let’s be real about this. Throwing a ton of chocolate and toppings in, on, and around sugar free brownie mix does NOT entitle my pancreatic impaired to an entire plate. Even if you do go a little crazy with the additives, you can still sleep okay at night knowing you cut a lot of the sugar out by using sugar free mix! 
Make a sugar free change this week (start with this dessert!)
Good luck and happy face stuffing. 

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