Results. (look what I did!)

Remember my post yesterday about the crochet baby booties? If you don’t, just click that link. Well I gave the booties my best shot. I have never REALLY crocheted before (I have done a few chair stitches here and there as a kid while my grandmother was crocheting) but the pattern on the post said it was super easy. I have to say, I definitely didn’t do too badly! There are a few loose stitches here and there, and they could probably be a little more symmetrical, but they are adorable! I made them a little taller and added an extra button, as well as made them a little wider at the leg to fit them over her leggings, but you can definitely tell they were based off the pictures in the post, and to me, that spells victory.


It did take me like 3 or so hours to do these (including the time spent stopping to feed the baby and clean her after she got sick), but someone with experience could probably bang these puppies out in about an hour and a half. If I could do this never having crocheted anything before, without good crochet hooks, and without a tapestry needle (yikes!), anyone can do it!

Side-note: apparently you can use a bobby pin in place of a tapestry needle?! Who knew?! It did catch a few times and was somewhat difficult to use; I’m sure the real needle would be a lot easier.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of how mine came out. Someone else try these and submit your results!

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Uggs-But-Not Baby Boots!

I’m going to give this a whirl tonight… Wish me luck! If I can do this, any of you can.

Prairie Baby

With the cooler weather moving in and a new granddaughter, I had plenty of inspiration to try to come up with warm baby boots.

I first started with this basic pattern. By adding boot “flaps” that fold over, a bit of fake fur, and some funky buttons, I whipped up these “Uggs-But-Not” in no time!  You can make these out of scrap yarn, use felt for buttons, fabric in place of the fur…whatever you have on hand!  These are about a 6-9 months size.

Materials You’ll Need:


Crochet Hook (I used an H because it’s what I had on hand)

About a 7-inch long scrap of fake fur or fabric

Tapestry Needle (used to weave in loose yarn ends)

2 Large Buttons

Needle and Thread



Left Boot:

Loosely chain 25

HDC in second chain from hook; HDC across row; chain 2; turn

Row 2: HDC in…

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….Or what?

Today, I asked my toddler to clean up her crayons. Now, I (and every other mom, ever) ask these damn kids to clean up after themselves a million times a day. Do they ever listen?


Well today, I decided I’m just tired of it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Mom’s rise up and take control of these ruthless toddlers! I stood my ground. No longer was I going to pick up the same toys a hundred times a day, only to have to pick them up after she goes to bed, NO MORE. Or this would happen: “HALEY LOGAN, clean up those crayons right NOW.” “….. or what?”

And that’s the story of how my head exploded all over the place at 23 years old.

It got me thinking: or what?

Or nothing, I guess. Or I try desperately not to laugh at that. Or I try not to beat the attitude out of you. Or I put you time out for sassing Mommy. Or I throw the crayons away and feel like a jerk while you cry about it. Or… nothing.

For the record, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” just flew out of my mouth and I guess I made that “do it now or you’re in time out ’till you’re 30” face, because she shook her head “yes” and picked up those crayons. As a matter of fact, she picked up ALL her toys before she went to bed tonight. Mission Accomplished. 

Some days I wonder just what I’ve gotten myself into with this whole toddler thing. Am I doomed?

So, Snooki’s a mom.


Just a quick rant on here since I realized, after seeing “CONGRATS SNOOKI” on a sign on the side of the road, that I’m totally annoyed that she got a kid. I MEAN REALLY.

Have you ever looked at someone toting a kid around thinking “what the hell?” I have. I do! All the time. But Snooki?! No. I just can’t. I hope she knows that they don’t watch your kid for you a Club Karma (or where ever they frequent in Seaside, NJ) while you dance around. AND WHAT’S HER KID GONNA THINK?! “Mom, you were soooo cool back in the day when I was a baby. I wish I could get drunk and parade around like you when I grow up!” NO. Stop. I just can’t.

I worked hard to be a mom! I’m a good mom (usually)! I don’t get a TV show. These people are crazy. I really hope for that kid’s sake that she straightens up. I have seen it happen. I can definitely see her buying her kid some trashy onesie and I WILL be judging her. Who am I kidding? I’m judging her now.



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Portion control issues and A Freakin’ Giveaway, Ya’ll!

This weekend has been super busy. Friday, my house was Grand Central Station, Saturday consisted of birthday parties all day, and today was a beach day (FINALLY) and dinner with Dad. By the way, anyone who knows me know the beach thing is BIG NEWS! I have lived by the beach my entire life and have pretty much not seen since we had Haley, 3 years ago (there have been a few trips, by that I mean less than 5). Also, this weekend, Friday included, has been an uncharacteristic few days of carnivorous face-stuffing.

I have been doing pretty well with portion control (thanks to my brother, I started pre-bagging my Wheat Thins into 16 Wheat Thin portions, as per the serving size on the box). Lately, I have been going as little crazy with the portions (an entire dinner place is 1 portion size, right?) and it’s starting to wear away at me. I did a pretty good job of eating the portion size (give or take) lately, so imagine my disappointment when I noticed myself eating away my weekend.

I don’t know about you guys, but it always seems so crazy to me to measure out food all day long, it’s so difficult. Then I realized that I can use the digital kitchen scale my hubby bought me for Christmas two years ago to weigh out the portions, since the weights are on the container/box/bag that the food/snacks come in. GENIUS! Then, i figured that I can use the kitchen scale for DIY baby food too! CONVENIENT! Don’t have a digital kitchen scale? Well, I can fix that!

I’m doing a freakin’ giveaway! wooooooooooooo!!

SlimKicker is sponsoring the giveaway of this super fancy digital kitchen scale! This one looks a lot nicer than mine.

What the heck is SlimKicker?! Well it’s this really fun website for people tired of trying to lose weight the boring way. It’s this calorie counter/exercise logger website that turns your weight loss woes into a fun game with levels, challenges, and rewards. I signed up and it’s definitely fun and interesting. Some of the challenges you can do are quitting soda for a week or eat a salad for a meal every day for 7 days; stuff you might even do already! You get points for logging food (more points for healthy food), logging exercise, and a bunch of points for completing the challenges. And, you upload a picture of the reward you want: new outfit, shoes, dinner for two, whatever you really want to give yourself, and when you rack up enough points, it’s yours! Want to see what it’s about? Try their calorie tracker game here!

Here’s how to win that awesome scale:

SlimKicker is looking for new and interesting challenges for you and everyone else to complete! Leave me a comment with one or two sentences suggesting a new, interesting, fun challenge. They’re going to check back here after a week, pick the one they like the most, and I’ll announce the winner (who is gettin’ a new scale)! Seeing and how both myself and the website and run out of the US, this giveaway is limited to US citizens only.

Good luck, eveyone!

Creative Explorations: Crafty Daddy

Head on over to and check out this nifty post from a friend of mine. What an awesome idea for those of you like me, who forget to take their meds once in a while. Can I get a pump for my oral meds?

PS: Run with this idea! “Vitamins”, “Log food”, even something short, sweet, and inspirational would work, “Carpe Diem”!

Anyone out there up to to try this OR have something of your own to share?

Creative Explorations: Crafty Daddy.

“You’re stressing my diabetes out!”

STRESS. It’s an ugly word, and an ugly feeling; with ugly consequences, and ugly results. But we all deal with it.

Everyone has their own stressors; kids, work, school, family, you parents (if you’re 12 and don’t know how good you’ve probably got it). For some people, the effects are simple: you just feel stressed. Some people get palpitation, headaches, stomach aches, they cry, they scream, they run away, but still, the stress comes back to you like you never addressed it in the beginning. Because you didn’t. I know this because I didn’t. I still don’t.

Today was a stressful day for me. After putting my kids (finally) the F to bed, and grabbing a beer or two, I decided to make the most of my stressful day and share some of the subtle effects stress has on someone like me (a tightly wound diabetic).

For me, stress = headaches, stomach aches, palpitations, body aches, loss of appetite (excessive snacking), and an upset in my blood glucose levels. I had a pretty good dinner, followed by a blood sugar level of 148 mg/dl (that’s 8.2mmol/l). I hadn’t really had anything else to eat after that, then around bedtime Haley pitched a giant 45 minute fit that had me  screaming and almost in tears. After addressing my headache and settling my tummy, I took my sugar: 185 (10.7)! All that from a scuffle with my toddler, sheesh. She’s trying to kill me!

Here’s what the American Diabetes Association has to say about stress and diabetes.

At least it’s not just me. Anyone else have comments on the effects of stress on your glucose levels? I am down for checking my levels after a stressful event in the future.